WILD Costa Rica Travel [Adventure #146]

last week we sailed from Nicaragua tothe beautiful and deserted bays of northern Costa Rica all right it's time for another littleshore excursion here we are going to try to find a waterfall we rowed over to theother side of the bay hiking up a creek bed now we have

some directions see ifwe can find it armed with our radio we got a couple waypoints following our directions we headed up a forest service road and thenturned to walk up a riverbed which was mostly dry now that the rainy season hadended and made for an easy hike this

is part of the largest area of what iscalled a tropical dry forest in Costa Rica and life here has adapted to beingable to survive with virtually no rainfall for about half the year what isthat some kind of a seed pod or something up on top here is one

with the branchon it as we hiked we took in the interestingplants listened to birds and even spotted some wildlifewe made it we've just gonna find the waterfall follow the water again[Music] we enjoyed meandering along with streamand wondered how different it would be in the rainy season from the

grooves andchannels in the gravel it looked like it could be quite a raging river[Music] we've been following so far a lot of ourinformation here has come from a couple of guides older guides one of thenewer ones is by some folks on a boat called SV Sarana from five

to ten yearsago 10 years ago nice digital guide and we did one oftheir little hikes just today came up to a waterfall but things have changedyeah it looks like maybe it's washed out a bitthere's a bit of a waterfall there so but only a couple feet or so

still gorgeousreally pretty so we've seen a lot of things maybe like a bush Turkey orsomething here lots of birds hummingbird lizards big spiders spidersA really cool hike up this wash though so here in Santa Elena there's a little mangrovechannel at the far end of this Bay and I

came up here in the paddleboardyesterday and it was amazing beautiful in here tons of birds awesome trees sowe had to come back in the dinghy so we could get some video for you guys and dosome fishing no luck [Music]paddling into the estuary we took in what was a

very different sort ofmangrove forest then we had seen before big tall red mangrove trees made it feelmuch more jungle like and as we paddled up we disappeared into a completelydifferent world this was a totally unique place and we felt like we weremiles from the sea or dry forests

that was just across the bay[Music] [Music][Music] successful Mangrove trippretty nice I think it ended up in more of a river creekand we did start it out in mangroves and went up to a nice creek it is a prettycool little paddle up it's like paddling through the jungle tons

of birds batsbugs and we saw some kind of animal some kind of like raccoon monkey sloth typething we're not quite sure home sweet home today we are leaving this beautiful remoteBay Bahia Santa Elena and northern Costa Rica we're headed south we're headed around alittle Cape here and across

the big gulf what's known as the Gulf of Papagayoknown for really strong kind of like gap winds and today and tomorrow it'ssupposed to be a bit calmer 17 to 25 today which is better than like the galeforce winds that has been the past week tough to tell we

woke up this morning itwas the calmest day we probably had here so we'll see where it is once we getout of here it does look a little lumpy and a few white caps out there lookslike I think our routes around 40 44 miles as soon as we left

the protection of BahiaSanta Elena we were met with the fullforce of the wind and we were glad that we had put up a reefed mainsail instead ofa full one once it was clear the weather was still quite gusty and strong we putaway the full Genoa turned up into

the windrigged our running backs days and put out the smaller staysail and then we werecruising as comfortably as you can be under these conditions[Music] [Music] [Music]we're gonna see how we go today this is supposed to be today and tomorrow thelull in the Papagayo winds which is strong northeast

east winds and rightnow it's about 20 25 knots apparent coming off our starboard quarter herewe're gonna be rounding a cape here cabo santa elena it's known to be quitewindy around the Cape we've got a lot of chop here probably only like a second ortwo apart between these like

4 or 5 foot waves which are mainly just the wind wavesbut it really picked up quite a bit of chop here so we'll see how we go aroundthe Cape one of the most favorite things that we enjoy on any kind of sailingpassage it's when the Dolphins come and

join usHillary spotted these ones coming from behind they just surf the waves in andnow to go like five or six of them up here either in the bow A Couple of themjumping right out of the water we've found them way more playful CentralAmerica like Nicaragua and South we

found the Dolphins just leaping out ofthe out of the water and doing crazy acrobatics it's pretty awesome to seethat in the wild and they just love it this surfing our Big Bow waves with ushere they're pretty cool to watch [Music] [Music] [Music]surprisingly as we neared the Cape and

the small outcropping of islands thewind actually settled down and before we knew it we were totally in the Lee ofthe point with calm flat seas we had a very uneventful crossingyesterday of the Gulf of Papagayo you get what I call the Papagayo winds whichnorth-northeast winds basically coming across

from the Caribbean and they canbe extremely strong more prevalent at this time of year don't know whathappened the wind was screaming out of southern Nicaragua in northern CostaRica there Bahia Salinas and Bahia santa elena and once we got to the Capewhere we were worried about the winds which

can really accelerate around therethe winds completely died we got a little bit of wind late in the day andwe're able to sail into the anchorage we do have a little further to go to wherewe can check into costa rica but this is a gorgeous spot and we're excited

tocheck it out I know Hillary's done a little bit of exploring already andfound some cool stuff [Music]this was a pretty gorgeous spot to drop the anchor tucked behind a smallPeninsula with big cliff walls tropical forests and clear blue water we wereexcited to spend some time exploring here[Music] this

was the first time in quite a whilethat we had nice clear water nearby to jump into and we couldn't wait to seewhat was around we were greeted and accompanied by the always friendly andcurious porcupine fish while we explored the watery world by far the mostinteresting find were several

spotted eagle rays we watched as these beautifulRay's foraged for food using their snout turning over rocks to look forcrustaceans to eat not minding us at all [Music][Music] another cool sighting was a small seaturtle resting in a rocky crevice of the reef[Music] This is Bahia Huevos and it's abeautiful

spot some gorgeous hillsides all around and some awesome stuffunderwater it's been a long time since we've had good snorkeling decentvisibility and there's some really cool stuff here thanks so much for joining usand a huge thanks to our patron adrift crew who keep these videos coming if youenjoyed watching

please give us a thumbs up subscribe and even consider becominga patron until next time adios [Music]I'm lining up for the high dive the diving board has spun around on me

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