Winter in Québec City, Canada! What to See and Do! | SOLO TRAVEL VLOG (2019) [CC]

It's cold.

Hello and welcome back to my channel! I am here today to showcase what I did inQuebec City this past December.

I had a wonderful few days in Quebec Citythat I am excited to share with you.

On my first full day, I went to the GermanChristmas Market.

While obviously not exactly like the GermanChristmas markets I experienced while in Germany in 2018, the market in Quebec City providesvisitors a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

The market offers entertainment, gifts, food, and drinks that are sure to get anyone into the Christmas spirit.

Admission to the market is free and it isa great way to spend a few hours…and a few dollars.

The Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Quebecis the oldest church in Canada and the first church in the country to be elevated to therank of minor basilica.

Construction for the original cathedral buildingbegan in 1647 but the cathedral has been destroyed by fire twice, first in 1759 and then againin 1922.

The cathedral was restored and celebratedits 350th anniversary in 2014.

The cathedral is beautiful on the inside andwell worth a visit.

I went inside multiple times during my tripto take in the beauty and to escape the cold! The Quartier Petit Champlain (forgive my terribleFrench) is a small commercial neighborhood zone with shopping and restaurants.

It is one of the oldest commercial districtsin North America and is a popular stop for tourists.

It was beautifully decorated for the holidaysand has a very “European” feel to it.

I’ll admit, up until this point, I was notin the Christmas spirit, but once I stepped foot into this area, I got into the Christmasspirit a little.

On my second full day, I wandered around QuebecCity with very little planned.

As I strolled along, I went into Three CrowGlass.

I love glass blowing shops and can watch theartists for hours.

The art created in this studio is beautifuland is a unique souvenir and gift for visitors and locals alike.

Well hello.

Apologies for the crappy lighting situation.

I'm literally using my phone as a source oflight because it is dark here.

And I'm just checking.

Yeah just work with me.

But hello.

I am here in Quebec City, Quebec.

And I really haven't vlogged at all this trip.

I'm not really one to go out and vlog whenI'm walking about.

I'm trying to get more comfortable with itbut I just haven't.

But also I just haven't stopped and sat downin front of a camera because I just really haven't felt like it but I know that I needto do it and this might become a rant.

I might not post all of this.

I might not post it at all.

I might cut it down but I've had a lot oftime to think on this trip even though it hasn't even been a week yet and it's an 8-9day trip.

You know, we're getting towards the end ofthe year and I'm kind of thinking about what I want to do next year.

I enter a new decade of my life next yearand you know, just doing a lot of self-reflection.

It's definitely been a rough year for me.

I haven't talked about it too much.

Obviously on YouTube but with other peoplein my life and on social media and everything.

It's just been a really rough year.

I guess before I get into that I just wantto say that yes, I'm here in Quebec City.

It's been amazing.

I haven't been vlogging because it is reallycold out there.

All my Canadian people.

You are rockstars.

It is cold and I know I live in Florida andbe like “oh Floridians don't like the heat.



no Floridians don't like the cold, they lovethe heat.

” I hate the heat.

When it gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit I'mlike “uh nuh.

” I like the cold.

I've lived in places where it's cold.

I prefer the cold but this has been unreal.

So it's been difficult to motivate myselfto pick up the camera and vlog and just like take video and even pictures when I'm outbecause my hands get so frozen.

It's been great here.

It's been lovely.

Canada, I know it's not like, that whole likecompletely, different, weird place.



not that other places I've been have been weird butit's not really that culture shock that you get when you go to places that are vastlydifferent.

I needed to get out of Florida so this hasbeen fun.

This has been nice and yeah.

And I'm sad that tomorrow is my last fullday and I have to go home on Wednesday.

Looking ahead to 2020 I really want to travelmore or as much as I can.

I definitely realized that, and I've realizedthis over past couple of years travel really is that thing in my life that makes me happy.

It goes family and then travel.

Or family, friends, and then travel.

So I think that yes it's important to savemoney for your future and put money towards retirement and everything.

I say yes I definitely need to do that andcontinue to do that.

But I think that a lot of my disposable incomeneeds to go towards travel.

But with that being said I don't have a wholelot of disposable income right now because I'm still unemployed at the time I'm filmingthis video.

In 2020 I definitely want to make it a pointto travel more and to.



I know that I have a very little blip of aYouTube channel but I enjoy when I actually do have the time to put together the videos.

They're not the best I know and there's alot of things I want to do and a lot that does involve me taking out the camera andactually vlogging when I'm out and about.

Taking more time to construct different B-rollshots and this and that.

And invest in better camera gear and equipment.

That will come with time.

I have a vision but I just can't do it yetbecause I just haven't.



I don't have the equipment.

I don't have the time.

I don't have the ability to do the thingsI want to do.

And there's a lot I need to learn.

So I think in 2020 and moving forward I wantto focus on that more with my travel content and you know, developing that.

Not only.



yes for YouTube but really formyself.

I want to look back on my life when I'm oldand look back on videos and such and be like “wow, I did that!” And this will probably be a different video.

Different places I want to go in 2020.

I definitely want to explore more.

It's just tough right now.

I can't really plan because I don't have ajob.

My point is.



travel has been so transformativeto me.

And I know that I haven't gone to the mostcrazy places.

I haven't gone to places that I want to go.

I mean, I've gone to places I want to go.

I haven't gone to other places I want to gooutside of Europe.

Outside of North America.

So there's a lot I want to do and I have alot of ideas for next year but I just can't put any plans into motion yet.

But anyway.

This has been seven and a half minutes ofme rambling.

I'm not sure what I'm going to put into thefinal video but if you stuck around, thank you.

We'll get back to your regularly programmedtravel video.

Hopefully tomorrow.

I have some hand warmers.

So hopefully tomorrow I can take out the cameraa little more and vlog a little bit.

But yeah, it's been fun here in Canada.

And I will be back tomorrow to share moreand yeah.

So thanks and I'll see you all later.

On my last full day, I went to MontmorencyFalls.

The falls are 83 meters tall making them tallerthan Niagara Falls by over 30 meters.

The falls are at the mouth of the MontmorencyRiver and drops over the cliff into the Saint Lawrence River.

The falls are located 12 km outside of theheart of Quebec City but is easily accessible by public transit.

While many of the popular attractions areclosed during the winter such as the cable car and staircases to view the lower falls, the falls still should be seen during the winter.

The snow creates a beautiful landscape thatis not to be missed.

I did not have to pay for admission duringmy visit, but during the warmer months, be prepared to pay an admission fee to visit.

It's very cold but beautiful here.

Look! Wowwwww! I feel kind of awkward.

I'm the only person here but yeah, it's reallypretty and it makes me wish we had snow occasionally in Florida.

But yeah, it's not as cold as it's been thepast few days so it's been a lot more enjoyable.

And I also have these.

Quebec City is a beautiful city that shouldbe on everyone’s travel list.

There are many hidden gems that I did nothave time to explore.

I will be back to visit again, this time duringwarmer months.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I’ll see you next time but until then, wanderfar and wander often!.

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