Women can't travel to India alone? A woman shared her experience

Hi guys you might have seen my video inwhich we asked Ukrainians “What do you think about India?” and some of them toldus that India is a third world country It's poor it's dangerous and so manypeople in the comment section were really angryNo! India is a great country and so on.

So we made this video wedidn't want to offend anybody we just showed what people said.

What stereotypespeople have.

I haven't been to India so but my some of my friends have been toIndia and they say it's interesting it's exotic and unusual but what'simportant is that they were traveling in a group they were traveling with localguides.

I've just seen a video where a woman from Australia a Western womanwent to India alone so she was on her own in India.

And that experience iscompletely different.

I was shocked to see what happened to her.

So let's watchsome of it I had this idea that Mathura is a city.

Which it is.

Once I got out of the station there was nothing there.

Dirt, tracks.

There was no buildings.

I got bombarded by probably 20 or 30 Indian men saying “Taxi taxi, come with me” I was like “no.

no it's okay I don't need to go anywhere I need to go here” and I showed them the piece of paper I said you knowwhere this place is only two minutes away and the guy told me is a 500 meterwalk And all like “yes yes I'll take you I takeyou the 100 200 whatever” I'm like no I can walk it's closed can you tell mewhere it is and they just wouldn't stop at this one I'm started getting a bitemotional because I was like you know what like I'm on this freaking road inthe middle of god-knows-where I don't know where I am I don't have any dataany Internet on my phone and all I want to know is where this phone shop is so Ican go and get a SIM card and figure out where I am and where I'm going and noneof these men are telling me where this phone shop is all they want is for me tojump in their taxi at that point I just really didn't feel like I could trustany of them because they couldn't even give me a straight answer and tell mewhere the shop was I asked them: “do you know where the shop was?” and they said “yes yesyes I know I know” and I said okay where it is they say “I take you I take you”like they knew where the shop was but they wouldn't tell me where it was Istarted getting really emotional I just kept walking I was like whatever theseguys aren't helping me so I just kept walking and I kind of started gettingthat like crying feeling and they were all just following me it's not like theystopped coming after me once I said “no, it's okay” they literally were all justfollowing me crowding around like literally like 20 men crowding around meI wanted to cry but I didn't want to cry in front of that so I just kept holdingit in one of the men drove up when I walked a little bit further and he waslike it's too far for you to walk I'll take you by this point I just wanted toget all the other men that were following me away and I just jumped inhis car and there now we got into like a semi accident one of the rickshaws whichis like “tuk tuk” in India smashed into us it was bit startling I was likewell and then the taxi driver just jumped out of the car and went to therickshaw driver I started going at him it looked like he was about to beat himup he had his fists up the hell's going on oh my god what haveI got myself into I could tell his vibe just started to change just thequestions he was asking it started to change and started looking me directlyin the eyes whereas before he was just driving then he started to ask me if Ihad a boyfriend I just lied I was like yeah I have a boyfriend he's in Sydneyit's like no you don't have a boyfriend you be my girlfriend whatever he justkept asking me over over and he's like why not why won't you be my girlfriendbah bah bah just being super weird by this point I was like oh my god what isgoing on I just landed he last night now this is happening don't even know ifhe's taking me to the right place no idea where I am and he could betaking me anywhere God knows I just started freaking myself out all I wantedto do was just get to my hotel but going to our macro so this is really amazingpeople are not helpful everybody harasses her it's reallystrange it's really different if you're alone if you're a woman and you're alonein India so let's watch some more hotel hey taxi driver he Wang so I want tocheck in I was in the office where the reception was and it was literally meand like probably 7 to 10 men in that room there were all workers anything like all sitting in the roomright kind of around me while I was talking to the receptionist doesn't seemlike there's going to be people here for me to talk to I didn't trust talking tothese people about how I was feeling like I didn't want them to know that Iwas feeling scared and stuff that I was asking the receptionist I told him Ineed to get a SIM card I said is there a Vodafone shop around here and he saidyes there is one it's 20 minute walk by this point I was getting very emotionalI do want to leave my mood tolling I was just getting really scared of everythingelse too scared to even go outside my hotel at war for 20 minutes and I didn'thave any data or anything so I didn't want to be lost on the streets andasking random madness help or like get into another taxi I was just so turnedoff at this point I asked him can you call and just make sure because I don'twant to walk all the way there and find out that I can't actually get the SIMcard and he was just like no I was like what do you mean don't you have a phonelike can you just call it your phone and find out he was just like no and justhearing that was enough for me I was just like okay and all like just youknow that crying feeling was just getting to a point of no return prettymuch the whole time I was talking to him and asking him about Vodafone store andall of that I was pretty much almost crying when he said no they couldn'thelp that was enough and I just got up as soon as I got into my room that'swhen I just started freaking out and I just sat down it's not a bully Iencourage you to watch the whole video it's right here or maybe in thedescription box somebody in her comments wrote that it's dangerous for everybodyif you're in India but if you're a woman it's even worse so I know that manyIndians are watching my channel so please tell me if it's likely to be truewhat she says I know if you're a man your experience is different than awoman's experience but at least tell me if it's likely to be true and please behonest I'm looking forward to your responses.

See you!.

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