WORST Travel experience EVER

hi I'm Morgan I'm Harrison we aretraveling the world for six months and we are currently a month into our bigadventure we did a little bit of traveling before and throughout all ofour travels, I got to say, have been pretty lucky nothing that bad has reallyhappened nothing I never- If it was anything bad it was such aquick fix and we- it's like, not even effecting us at all.

Yeah, this was a little different this wassomething bad obviously if things happen we're not youknow complaining I mean a little bit we are complaining but oh we're not- weunderstand it- we understand exactly what the things are gonna happen and thereare ways that you can avoid it and there's certain things that you justcan't prepare for and this is something that I feel like that we could haveprepared for a little better? Maybe.

I don't think it was our fault but I thinkyeah we have ways that you could avoid this happening so you don't have to missa day of travel you don't have to waste your money or your time but yeah let'sget into what happened.

So the day started out pretty good and then allwent downhill when this started to happen.

We are in the midst of a 19-hourtravel day because our bus literally drove right by us and didn't stop.

We hadto leave our Airbnb at 11:00 a.


and we were waiting for our bus for four hoursbecause it was supposed to come at 3:00 and we were very prepared we were readyfor it to come and it drove literally right past us and yeah we waved at itthey waved back and they kept on driving and the bus company admitted to us- yeah-they admitted that happened.

So it wasn't yeah they were like yeah that happenedhere's a refund.

Which doesn't make up for the fact thatwe have a night of accommodation that we paid for that we're not able to usebecause we're not going to get there till tomorrow morning so.




So we get the same on this stoop forhours and hours just waiting for the next bus and hoping that it willactually stop for us we don't know if it will stop and we weren't able to buytickets ahead of time because we printed the last ticket to the made sure theywere all ready, but we can't do it for these tickets because we don't have aprinter or like a computer anything so Or a place to stay! Yeah, or a place to stay to do that umso hopefully they led us on the next bus if they decide to stop which I don't knowif they will but if they do then it's a six-hour drive all through the night tothe next place.



So we got to a point where we have a few options um I tried talking to two different ticket sales concessions and one of them was just fora local bus, so they didn't venture outside of the town we're staying in andthe other one was Croatia bus but their bus for split had already left for thatday.

So I tried figuring out like what we could do to try and get to split fasterand my solution for it was to try and go to Zadar.

So Zadar islike a bigger town that's about halfway between where we were and where Splitwas.

We'd get a bus there and it being a bigger station a bigger city the chancesof there being a bus to split were much higher.

So that's what we decided to do.

We tried to do that but, so we waited for the bus to come for Zadar, but wecouldn't buy tickets beforehand because you need to have 24 hours notice inorder to buy tickets online and the ticket stand that I asked her aboutwasn't selling those tickets it was a different bus company.

So when the buspulled up and we asked him if we could buy tickets he ultimately told us no andthat's only because the bus was already full.

You could only go on if you hadbought tickets previously and so we were kind of stuck there.

So we had no choicebut to sit there until 11:20 at night and wait for that other bus to come.

Yeahour second option we were really hoping for, wasn't working out.

So yeah weknew at that point we just got to wait it out.

Stop! Right now it is about 10:50.

Just tomake sure that we don't miss our bus, I'm sitting on this side of the street, and we got Morgan sitting on that side, so.

We're just gonna run out in front of the bus to make sure it doesn't go by us.

So our bus did finally come but not without its own worries.

It actually came 20 minutes late and online there is a bus tracker there's a live view I GetByBus showing you where your bus is, and the online tracker said that our bus had left hadcome and gone the yeah so it was 20 minutes late and online and said it hadalready come and gone even though we hadn't seen it so we're thinking the busjust didn't stop, again.

“We missed it somehow?” Yeah, and we were just waiting there nobuses have gone by.

So yeah we were ready to, I don't know stick it out, by some taxiservice or something just wait all night again.

But it did come thankfully wewaited the 20 minutes it was very nerve-wracking though.

But there are afew things we could have done to cover our bases.

First thing I think we shouldtalk about actually is about what GetByBus is, and why we had that problem.

SoGetByBus kind of works like StubHub where they take a ton of different like, people who sell tickets and they congregate them and not really people likecompanies who sell tickets and they congregate them onto one website.

So GetByBus sells tickets at particular like locations that buses are going by butthe bus companies themselves aren't scheduled to stop there and GetByBusneeds to communicate to that bus company that “Hey we sold the ticket in thissmall town you need to stop because we sold tickets there” and that's ultimatelywhy they didn't stop is because that communicationhappen and so when we're waving the guy down and he's just like kind of shrugsand goes “I don't know why you're waving at me”, that was why it was because GetByBus didn't tell him the stop and he's not scheduled to stop there so he's notgonna stop there for no reason.

This is what we understand, anyway from whatwe were told by customer service.

Right, exactly.

I think something else we should mention too, is GetByBus did give us a refund-Although we haven't checked yet to be sure.

We haven't, no.

They told us that wasgonna take- True.

Told us they might take a while.

-take about two weeks worth ofbusiness days.

We asked them about accommodation charges too because wemissed out on a night of Airbnb.

We didn't sleep we just got there and we wereable to drop our stuff off but that was at 6:30 the next morning.

-It was a wasteof money.

And they told us to contact the actualcompany- Which was Varaždin? I don't know if I'm saying right.

-We will put the nameup here.

-They didn't respond to me I emailed them because GetByBus told mewe done all that we can do we can only give you a refund at this point you needto contact the actual bus company that didn't stop.

So I did.

I emailed them, theydidn't get back to me so thanks Varaždin.

Yeah, so that was something thatkind of irked us a little bit but I guess there were some things that wecould have done that would have prevented this from happening if we wereextra prepared I'd like to put it as but- Although I do want to say it for if thebus companies' listening, it's not our fault that this happened, -Right- but theseare things that it could prevent, you know, extra extra extra layer ofprotection, because- instead of wearing two safety clips, we should have worn six because ofthe situation is however putting it.

-Yeah- This is something if you are travelingdefinitely something to think about.

Maybe even if you're not traveling inyour own country, I don't know, the buses might not be well in America, orwherever you are.

So it's always good just to be sure that you're going to getto where you want to get and these are some things that we have for you.

Thefirst one is to buy a bus ticket early.

Leave early.

This is actually kind of my faultbecause I- we checked out, we had to check out of our Airbnb at 11:00 and the busdidn't come till 3:00 and so we had to just wait for a few hours.

-Something we, you hadeven said, she just wasn't thinking she was like oh we could sleep in and we just realized “Ohcrap! There's a checkout time.

” -Yeah.

– So we took that later bus.

There was a bus at1:00 and there was one I think at 11:30 but we decided- we were just like “I'll justtake the- the closest, sort of the last one” because we just wanted to sleepin.

-I was in my head, I was thinking “We'll relax.

We don't have to get up early” butnot realizing there's a checkout time there's not always checkout times forAirbnb.

Our other Airbnb's have been more lax and there actually wasn't acheckout time, so.

You know, planning for six months of travel sometimesya slip up, but yeah definitely try to get there early because, like he said, there were earlier ones and if we missed the 11:30 we could have gotten thetwelve or whatever and instead we hit the last one until 11:20 at night.

Sojust get there early.

It's worth it.

So another thing you could do is if you areusing a service like GetByBus and what we actually did for the second bus, theone that came at 11:20, is we ended up contacting them and asking them to makesure that they're actually telling that bus company to stop and to confirm withus that they received the message so that's something we had them do justbecause we didn't want- hah, we don't want to miss our bus and have to literally sleepon the street that night, so.

Be sure- this is the simple one and I think mostpeople do this anyway, but just be sure to confirm with your bus driver thatyou're on the right bus.

We almost got on the wrong bus again at like 11:00 atnight because it just seemed like they were going the right way and they didn'treally talk to us but we really confirmed, “Is this going to Split”? and then theytold us “No”.

So just be sure and in fact we actually talked to a woman two daysago who went on the wrong boat because she didn't confirm where they were goingand she had to like jump off the boat right before they left.

So just make double sure with whoever's driving that this is in fact the right bus or boat, whatever.

Something that you couldalso do too, is to take photos of yourself waiting at the bus station withtimestamps.

That's something that, well, us being like stupid vloggers issomething we did that kind of gave us evidence to tell them “Hey, we're here”.


It helped because it proved to the customer service lady that we were atthe bus station and without it, I don't know.

She didn't take it seriouslyuntil I sent those photos.

So it's definitely good to have in this day andage most people have cell phones to save the picture.

You can delete it if youdon't need it.


So if you do find yourself in the same situation that wedid just obviously just contact customer service we just kind of don't be angrywith them is what I would suggest I think just working in customer servicemyself and different like restaurants and retail and all that bologna it'sjust so much nicer to deal with people who are not freaking out at you.

Like ifsomeone was yelling at me I just be like “I'm just gonna leave them in that situation”.

-Yeah it's usually not that particular customer service representative.

It's not their fault, usually.


– They're just trying to make the best of the situation and ifyou're a reasonable person they'll be reasonable back.

-Exactly- but definitelywhat I want to say is don't just think “Oh money lost.

Oh well.

Oh well”.

Dosomething about it.

You should contact them, because why waste your money, youknow? You can get their refund.

I feel like a lot of times people are, I don't know, maybe they just want to forget about the situation and move on or maybethey feel like nothing's going to happen but you need to tell the company this.

You should try to get your money back and usually you will at least get arefund.

Unfortunately, we didn't get it refunded for the money lost at our Airbnbbut we got a bus ticket money back and either way the company should know thatthey're failing that this because most likely you're not the only onewho's had to deal with the situation like this so either way they should know.

Sodefinitely tell them.

-Something else too.

Make sure that you have some sort ofinternet because we were very fortunate that there was Wi-Fi around, it was freeand didn't have a password.

-We were very lucky that there just happened to be Wi-Fibecause we didn't have -We didn't have SIM cards, so it was- if wedidn't have that we would have been like kind of screwed.

-We would have probablyhad to find a SIM card and buy it that day.

-Right exactly which in that small town.



I don't know if there is any -I don't think there are any! It was a really small town so it was like, it wasa big risk we took and we got really lucky with it.

-Yeah I haven't seen freeWi-Fi the last few times- places we've been to, so.


We even when walkinglast night for a few hours and couldn't find any.


– Anyway of that just aboutsums up our first -First REALLY bad- yeah really bad travel experience.


– -Yeah- -It's like, it's not the end of the world but just havingthat extra level of protection I guess can really help you.

-If you've been in asituation like this or if you know any other information that maybe we didn'tcover and maybe that you feel like would be good advice, let us know.

Just say it in the comments.

-Yeah we want to know too.

To prevent- I mean we still have five more months of travel.

-Yeah!- -We want to know your tips We're always learning.

If you did learn something giveus a like and, if uhh.



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