hey guys welcome to Howie Roll werecently went on a trip to Playa del Carmen and took a ton of videos and alot of pictures so I thought I put a couple videos together of our trip incase you were headed there and wanted to know what we thought was worth your timeif you are into a adventure and a little bit of a adrenaline junkiethen we suggest checking out the Xplor park buy your ticketsonline we bought them online before we went and saw a bunch of different tourcompanies and people on the street offering us deals and by far got thebest deal booking in advance and you can use your ticket or is good for up to ayear from purchase so if something happens and you can't make it don'tworry you don't miss out on that money you still can go and enjoy the funeco-friendly sunscreen they are super strict about the type ofsunscreen that you wear in the park and they will check.

Water shoes yes I worethese bright blue water shoes the whole time and they were so comfortable andthey are so easy to switch from the land stuff to the water stuff becausehonestly that's what you do the whole timeanother tip they have a photo package where there's cameras set up all overthe park that scans your helmet number or your wristband and automaticallytakes pictures of you doing all of the fun things this is totally worth yourmoney and I highly suggest you do it if you may just upload it to their websitethey give you a code and you have like 30 days to go on and download them alland have some fun pictures of all your fun adventures at Xplor so theXplor park offers a bunch of different opportunities for you to be prettyadventurous and have a lot of fun we went when it wasn't so busy but there isa place down in the center where it has a map and it has kind of like Disneylandwhere it tells you all of the wait times so you can kind of get an idea and useyour time as best as possible the other awesome thing about Explorer is itsall-inclusive so once you get in there your food and they have a juice bar theyhave a all you can eat buffet it's included iffree and you can eat as many times as you want the park is open I think fromlike 8:30 to 5:00 and you definitely want to get there as soon as it opensbecause you can easily spend your entire day exploring and doing all of the funthings when we first got there we headed straight to the amphibious vehicles sothey have several different courses that you can drive these fun quad likevehicles through through Little rivers and through caves and up up these up themountain and through the jungle it's really a lot of fun there's pictureopportunities along the way and I think you can do it twice duringyour stay at the park another fun thing that they have ourzipline hammocks so they have these hammocks down at the bottom you justgrab your hammock walk it up hand it to the staff they'll hook it up for you andyou'll just zipline down into the water it's a lot of fun it is not a there'snot a line it's really quick moving and right after there's a juice bar rightthere that you can go and get some really yummy juices they have differentdifferent flavors next we headed to the zip lines this took up the biggest chunkof our day as you have to wait in line and you have to be properly harnessedand set up to go on the zip lines they have two different circuits you canchoose from the first circuit is faster and higher and it has I think 9 to 10zip lines that you zip through through the park it's a lot of fun you can gosome of them you can ride together if you were with somebody and other onesyou ride by yourself overall I think it took about an hour for us to completethe first circuit we decided to go ahead since we were there and do the SecondCircuit the Second Circuit is one I would recommend if you have kids withyou it does have a fun feature we're in the middle of the ziplining you get togo down a fun waterslide and then when you finish you zip line into the waterthey also have hand paddle rafts it's super fun you walk down through thecaves into under Grant into an underground river and they have a raftyou get on in little hand pedals that you can paddle through the water andjust check out all of the awesome underground caves they have twodifferent paths you can take a shorter path that is not so long you can dopretty quick within like five minutes and they have a longer path where youcan see the whole thing and it's about a 20-minute paddle Hola, mi nombre es Nate, estoy aquí para servirte aqui en la izquierda vas a ver unos stalactites y stalacnites, la diferencia es uno viene del techo y el otro viene del piso tienes preguntas? the last thing we did was the Riverwalkit was so beautiful and so amazing endless my favorite part of the wholepark you also again they have the two different paths you can take so if youdon't have a lot of time you can take a shorter path I recommend doing the longone it's really fun you do have to wear a life jacket and there were parts whereI could not walk I'm pretty short I'm only five three so I could swim a lotNate is a little bit taller and there was only one or two sections wherehe couldn't reach they do have emergency exits along the way if you for somereason need to get off and lifeguards to check on you as you're going it's reallysafe I say even if you can't swim it something could easily do the best partabout the Riverwalk is all the stalactites that you see as you're goingthrough they have lots of picture opportunities to stop and snap anawesome picture with when you're underground and then the best part isthe end where you get out in a 360-degree waterfall it's over you canlook up and see the people standing in line for the zip lines and it's justbeautiful and awesome and definitely worth your time do you want to go on a trip paid for byus??? if you haven't already check out thisvideo to see how you can win our $500 travel giveaway if you go to Playa delCarmen definitely check out the Xplor park and let us know in the comments ifyou've been there what your favorite thing was also don't forget to subscribeand like our channel.

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