YouTube SEO | How to Rank Videos With a Small Channel

– The best way to get momentumon your YouTube channel, even if it's a small channel, is to get your videos ranking.

Because YouTube is a search engine, so when people are googlingor looking on YouTube all day every day forcontent that they wanna find that's gonna solve their problems or that's gonna entertainthem or inspire them, if your videos can showup at the top of search, voila, you're able to shareyour message with the masses and be able to even make animpact and a profit from it.

So I'm gonna show you exactly how, even if you have a small YouTube channel, how to use YouTube SEOto grow your channel.

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(gentle music) I started my YouTube channel in 2016, absolutely from scratch, and I made some videosbasically answering questions that were frequently asked questions that I would get as a social media manager and some of those videosstarted to really take off, even though at the time I didn't really know what I was doing.

But let's say I had a commonquestion I was getting, which was, “How do I putwords on top of my pictures?” And so I said, “You can use Canva.

” “Well, how do I use Canva?” Voila, that became myvideo, “How To Use Canva”.

And that was one of my most popular videos that even now, years later, still gets 2, 000 or more views per week and people click the link underneath in every description toopt-in to my email list and then they're nurtured and then potentially buymy products and services.

Isn't that awesome? Isn't that something that you would want? So I wanna help you tomake sure that your videos, even if you have a small channel, are gonna rank so that youcan build your audience and potentially makesome money from it too.

This is a video that I madewhen I first started my channel.

You'll see here that Iwas a little bit younger and my performance isn't, you know, super Oscar-worthy.

But I made a video based on a question that I was getting quite frequently and then I adjusted my YouTube SEO so that this would be a videothat could be shown in search, and as you can see from these tags, there are several tags thatI'm ranking at number one, number three, number one, number one, number four, number five.

So these videos are showingup in some of the top spots for people who are searchingfor these exact keywords.

So here's what I did to find out how should I title this video.

And, of course, this is something that you could come up withoff the top of your head, but you wanna be able to create a title based on what people areactually searching for.

So here's an example.

I have a client who's inthe weight loss space, a space that I'm sure you canunderstand is quite saturated.

There's tens of peoplewho are teaching people how to lose weight and alot of search volume for it.

So she wanted to make a videoabout how to lose belly fat, a very common thingthat people search for.

But, it's so common thatit's so competitive.

So then we wanted to adjust the title to something that stillhas a good search volume, but less competition and what we found was that we made a video and we titled it, “How to Flatten Your Belly, ” which still gets across the same message but had a much better search term that she could rank in that spot.

So when I'm looking for howdo I wanna title this video about how to write the best captions for your social media posts, what I do is I actuallyfirst go straight to YouTube and I have this plug in, it's a Google Chrome extensioncalled, Keywords Everywhere and this helps me to seewhat the search volume is.

So I wanna type in and I'm gonna look for, “How to write captions” and you can see severalsuggestions that come up.

So, “How to write captions on Instagram, ” 390 searches per month.

“How to write captions forYouTube, ” 70 searches per month.

“How to write captions, ” just as a whole, 880 searches per month.

And that's a comfortableamount of search volume because if it has a superlarge amount of search volume, it's common that it mightalso have a lot of videos to compete with too.

So let's actually just lookup how to write captions and see what other kindsof videos show up here.

“How to Write Instagram Captions, ” “How to Write Better Instagram Captions, ” a lot of these are specific to Instagram, so that also shows me thatmaybe if I make a video about writing Instagram captions, that would be a really goodidea because I already have this video about how to write the best social media captions, butif I niche down even more, get more specific in another video, I have a good chance of ranking there.

I also use TubeBuddy to showme the competition here.

And here, it's rankingbetween orange and yellow.

That it's saying, “It'spretty competitive.

“Not sure if this is the greatest “keyword for you to rank for.

” So because of that, it has agood amount of search volume, but it's competitive, so howcan I make this more specific? Let's type in, how to writecaptions for Instagram.

So here key words everywhere, shows me that it haszero searches per month.

However, that's not specifically accurate, because we already sawthat, how to write captions, had a good amount of search volume but now making to more specific means that I can show up for the people who are even looking for, how to write captions.

And as we can see, TubeBuddy here is also telling me that thishas much less competition and now it's ranked in the green, which means it's a muchbetter video for you to rank.

Let's actually look forwhat I titled this video.

So, “How to write the bestcaptions for social media”.

(upbeat music) As you'll see gain, Keywords Everywhere says it has zero searches per month, but there's my videoranking at the top spot.

It has 11, 000 views, even here it's sayingthat it's competitive.

TubeBuddy says that it's competitive, because there are lots of other videos that are about socialmedia and writing captions, but because I have multiplekeywords in this title, so I have, “How to writethe best captions, ” “How to write captions”, “How to write captions foryour social media posts”, “Best captions for yoursocial media posts”.

See how I have multiplekeywords in that title.

So and that's why whenwe go into the backend, and we can see how I'm ranking.

I'm ranking in so many spots, because we used different tags, and we titled our video appropriately, so that YouTube knowswhat this video is about, and it's hitting on tags that have a good searchvolume and less competition.

So having the best title and tags, is gonna be a really important part.

But there's another thingwe haven't touched on yet, which is your description.

YouTube wants to be able to take a glance and know exactly what this video is about.

So your title, your description, and your tags should befilled with those keywords, that show exactly whatthis video is referencing.

As you'll see on this video, I have in my first top, like the top sentences of the description, are also reiterating this title what the video is aboutand other keywords.

So let's go through this.

The description is, “Howto write the best captions, “for your social media posts”.

Whether you're writingsocial media captions, for all platforms or want thebest social media captions, for Facebook see how I havemultiple keywords in there.

So how to write the bestcaptions for social media posts.

Writing social media captions.

Best social media captions for Facebook.

Best social media captions for Instagram.

Best practices for writingsocial media posts.

We'll see how there's multiple keywords, right in that top description.

And then as we'll see, I also have right below that a link, so that they can downloadsomething for free.

So they can get on my email list and I can continue to nurture them.

And then I have a littlebit more about the video, and more links so that they can follow me, on other social media.

They can join my newsletter, etc, etc.

As you can see when someone, is searching for a video on YouTube, the top things that they'reseeing are the title, the first few lines of thedescription and the thumbnail.

So that title has to be something, that tells them quickly what it's about.

The description can be something, that entices them andmakes them feel like, this is exactly what I'm trying to find.

And the thumbnail looksengaging and click-worthy.

So if we look at this one, we see how I'm rankingit number one, awesome.

And then we see all the other ones, that are ranking in the next spots.

So if we're looking at these, and we see mines on thetop here and this I mean, there's different opinions, but I'm a little biased.

I like my thumbnails the best.

When you look at other videos when you're creatingcontent on a similar topic, ask yourself, what do thecurrent thumbnails look like, and how can I make mine stand out? So to recap what you need tolook out to rank on YouTube, even if you have a small channel, is your title filled with keywords, you want a description that'salso reiterating the title and describing the video, while using keywords in your description.

You wanna use tags thatare about the video, not super broad and all over the place, so you can see these tags, these keywords in your tags, that make it very clear thatthis video is about this topic.

And lastly, but most importantly, is that your thumbnail is click-worthy.

YouTube is also gonna reward channels, that get more clicks on those thumbnails, compared to the other videos.

So if we look even at these videos, that are showing up in front of us, that there's my video at the top and there's a few other ones, mine is likely ranking in the top spot, because of all the YouTube SEO, but also because it's getting more clicks, than the other ones.

If you're a YouTube creator, and want more in depth training on how to do your YouTube SEO and even how to batch film60 days of social media, and video content in eight hours, click the link below.

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