21 Things to do in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada | Attractions Travel Guide

This summer we traveled out to Fredericton, New Brunswick to visit family.

With a few weeks in town, we decided to makea little video guide to give you a taste of Atlantic Canada.

Here's a look at 21 things you can do aroundthe city: The changing of the guard is a ceremony notto be missed.

You can watch guards re-enact a drill ceremonyto the beat of a piper and a drummer.

For a spooky look at the city's past, youcan join a haunted hike that takes you on a walking tour of Fredericton after dark.

Expect to meet lots of ghostly charactersalong the way.

Thy chill is in my bones.

The moonlight on the stones is pale.

I've got stories for ya.

They've both got a sad ending but one hasgot a wedding in it.

Which one would you like to hear first? The best way to experience the St.

John Riveris by going out on the water.

If you drop by Second Nature Outdoors, youcan rent kayaks, canoes, and stand up paddle boards.

Smooth sailing.

Or smooth kayaking.

This is the official residence of the LieutenantGovernor of New Brunswick, and it's where foreign dignitaries visiting Fredericton stay.

Today we are visiting the King's Landing anineteenth century historical village located just outside of Fredericton and it is goingto be a lot of fun because as we walk through this village we are going to encounter charactersfrom that time period.

We do not believe in the demon rum.

We sure don't.

And lips that touch liquor shall never touchmine.

And we are members of the sun.

Now don't be afraid.

Come closer.

The lips that touch liquor shall never touchmine.

Visiting King's Landing was like travellingback in time.

We got to see the interior of old homes, churches, and barns from the 1800s, and for those looking to get their hands dirty, there was the optionof pitching in with some of the farm work.

This former railway bridge is now popularwith pedestrians.

It has great views of the St.

John River andthe 2 university campuses that sit up on the hill.

Waterloo Row is one of the prettiest streetsin the city.

It is lined with historic homes and mansionsthat look over the river.

We were up bright and early this morning tocome and visit the Fredericton Farmers Market.

It takes place every Saturday from 6 am to1 pm and it is just a really fun place to come to taste some international food, buysome fresh produce and just meet up with friends.

If you happen to be in town over the weekend, be sure to check out the Farmers' Market for some delicious eats! Wherever you live in the city of Frederictonit doesn't take long for you to get to the trail system.

Once you're on the trail system you can ridefor hours.

The Nashwaak Trail is part of an extensivetrail system and it's great for either walking or biking.

We managed to spot quite a bit of wildlifeduring our outing, including a Great Blue Heron, a beaver, and lots of chipmunks.

Odell Park is a massive park located in themiddle of Fredericton.

It has many trails that run through the forestand some of the trees there are believed to be over 400 years old.

It's a nice green escape and the perfect placeto exercise in the summer.

Welcome to the Highland Games! The New Brunswick Highland Games are an annualsummer event held in Fredericton.

To kick off the day we got to listen to drummingand bagpipes.

The caber toss is one of the most impressiveevents.

Contestants must toss and flip a log thatis twenty feet in length and weighs up to one hundred and twenty pounds.

We also got to watch Highland dancing competitions.

We then attended the weight for height eventwhere athletes toss a weight over a pole vault bar.

The bar kept getting raised increasing thelevel of difficulty.

The Ancient Hammer Toss was another impressiveevent.

Contestants had to throw a metal ball fastenedto a wooden handle as far as they could.

The garrison district is the historic andcultural heart of Fredericton.

This is where you can catch free performances, join heritage walking tours and watch the changing of the guard.

Christ Church Cathedral has a very activemusic schedule.

During the summer months they host choirsand recitals.

Admission is by donation with the proceedsgoing back into the community.

The Legislative Building is the home to theLegislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

Guided visits must be arranged in advance.

For art lovers, there's the option of visitingthe Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

This gallery features the work of both Canadianand international artists.

The nice thing about Fredericton is that you'renever too far from nature.

The city has many walking trails and bikingpaths that are easily accessible, and that means people spend a lot of time outdoors.

Gallery 78 is the oldest private art galleryin New Brunswick and it hosts exhibitions throughout the year.

The Lighthouse on the Green stands on thebanks of the St.

John River.

Though it once helped guide fishermen to shore, today the lighthouse is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy some seafood or even cooldown with an ice cream.

This former jail turned science centre isa fun place for children and families.

Right now I'm visiting one of my favoriteparts of Fredericton – the University of New Brunswick Campus and this campus is very historicand old.

It was actually founded in 1785 before Canadawas even a nation.

The university of New Brunswick and St.

ThomasUniversity have a shared campus with beautiful grounds.

Even if you're not a student, the campus isworth a visit.

If you're looking to catch a performance, then head down to the Playhouse.

They host all sorts of music, dance, and theatreproductions.

And that's a little glimpse of Fredericton.

We really enjoyed our summer visit to thecity, and we hope you'll have the chance to check it out too! For more food and travel videos hit subscribe.


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