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So guys! I found out from a local Canadian that Banffis known for its good food! I'm going to tell you all the awesome restaurantsthat we went to on this trip so that when you come to Banff, you know exactly whereto go.

Let's go.

So I, like most people, went to Banff primarilyto experience nature.

What I didn’t realize going in was thatit was also known for its excellent dining options.

Here are the restaurants that we all lovedand recommend for you.

Let’s begin with breakfast, shall we? First up is El Toro, located right along BanffAvenue, which we honestly chose because it was so close to our hotel.

What made this place pretty cool is that theirhomemade dishes are influenced by Latin American and Spanish flavors.

And what made me super happy was that we arrivedjust in time for mimosas and bellinis.

So Jenny said that she's been to Canada beforeand she claims that the peanut butter is truly special here, so I'm going to be the judgeof that.

We'll see.

[Waitress]: “I always have natural peanutbutter, so that stuff is good but it tastes almost like dessert.

” [Renne]: “This tastes like dessert?!” [Waitress]: “Yeah it's a little sweet, yeah.

” [Renne]: “Oh, interesting.

” Am I just going to eat it, just without anything? It's that good? I can just eat it by itself? It's peanut butter.



OK I'm not going to lie, I just kinda wantto eat this.

[Karl]: “She's going at it on the peanut butter.

” [Waitress]: “This is so good! Um.



did you still want that mimosa? It's 10 o'clock now.

[Renne]: “Oh yeah! Mimosa time! Yes, thank you!” The next morning, we decided to try Melissa’sMissteak on Lynx Street, where the portions were huge and made from scratch.

Now, if you eat here, there’s just no wayyou’re leaving hungry.

Ok, the breakfasts here are pretty much legendary.

Then there was Tooloulou’s on Caribou Street.

This little spot has Cajun Creole inspireddishes with a dash of Canadian Rocky Mountain infusion.

So it’s got a little Louisiana mixed inwith a little Canadiana.

Now if you want some really good brunch, goto The Maple Leaf Grill and Lounge, which my friends and I all agreed was our favoritebrunch spot during the whole trip.

Everything about this place just felt very, well, Canadian – from its mountain style décor to its Canadian dishes and wines—this isa great spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner, particularly for those looking for some Canadiancuisine.

Since we had a huge breakfast everyday andwere really busy with our excursions throughout the afternoon, we usually skipped lunch.

So here’s where we dined for dinner.

When I came to Banff, I did not expect toeat Indian food! But that’s exactly what I did my first nightthere.

We made reservations at Indian Summer, a seasonalpop-up restaurant at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

First of all, I absolutely love the amazingview of the Canadian Rockies you get from this restaurant.

Dining here our first night really set thetone for the rest of our trip.

[Snapchat Recap]: “Lately, I've just beenobsessed with mountainous regions.

And I mean, can you blame me? Look at how beautiful this is.

” Also, the food was so flavorful and had ourtaste buds doing happy dances.

“Um, I'm going to get the Dal Khaas IndianSummers.

Thank you.

Indian food in Canada.



this place is so diverse.

” Our wonderful waiter even gave us a presentationon all the various spices.

“Here we have tamarind sauce here, which canfeel like a bit of a twist on your tongue.

Sweet and sour taste and a bit of a tangytaste.

Basically for those who cannot tolerate toomuch hotness or spices.

” “That's me!” “That's not for you.

Basically, this one is for you.

” “Oh, that one's for me.

” “So this is the mango chutney.

This is like totally sweet.

For those who cannot tolerate neither of thespices on their food.

” “Aww look at the love birds.

” “Mmm.

That is good! There is literally nothing left on your plate.

” “Another one!” Indian Summer was our favorite restaurantwe went to for dinner.

Although there were other places where wedined, they weren’t super amazing.

And I’m only going to recommend the placesthat I absolutely loved.

Anything less than that, I won’t even bothermentioning in this video.

So now we move on to dessert and snacks! For the ice cream addicts out there, I recommendCows! So a local actually recommended that if wehave a sweet tooth, we should try Cows.

My friends each got 3 scoops of ice cream.

Except for Jenny, she got 2.

And it's actually a really good ice creamshop.

I mean, they have so many cool flavors in there.

And if you're a vegan or maybe you just don'tlike dairy or you just can't eat dairy, they actually have sorbet too, which is water-based, so I got some mango sorbet and I loved it.

And finally, you cannot visit Banff withoutvisiting the stunning Lake Louise.

And right next to it, you can embark on along hike that will lead you to some very charming and historic tea houses.

During our hike, we stopped at Lake AgnesTea House, a family-run tea shop with specialty teas, scrumptious homemade snacks and desserts, and gorgeous mountain and lake views.


From the Tea House at Lake Agnes.

Ooh, this tea is good guys.

What kind of tea did you get? It's really sweet.

Did they put honey in it? It's very sweet.

I like it.

Just drinking tea, enjoying this beautifulview.

This is life.


” You’ll also see a bunch of cute little chipmunksrunning around, but if you don’t watch out they will snatch your snacks.

Also, if you want to see the full video ofour grueling hike that led us to some of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen, makesure you subscribe and stay tuned for that video.

So on this trip, we usually just ate likea really really big breakfast that held us over all day and then we went and got dinnerafter a day of going to a bunch of excursions.

So tell me, do you guys do that when you travel too? Do you guys just eat a really big breakfastand then just go off on your excursions and then eat dinner later on at night? Let me know in the comments below becauseI'm curious if you do that too.


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