Girls talk about travelling to Peru with Girl Guides of Canada

I the whole time i'm ada was just amazing i interacted with community and like helping out the community and getting immersed in the culture it was a totally completely different experience and Machu Picchu is beautiful I really liked the scenery through as well the mountains the rivers speed by the ocean it was just inspiring I think spending time in bajo and just be enough like given these beautiful mountains and your meeting all these new people and like the families do with us so nice then all the girls just came with like so much fun and everyone's friends I learned how to be more independent for my family and be able to just be able to adapt to things that aren't don't always turn out the way I think they're going to I walked my little eight-year-old host sister to school and there were a few of the kids that we had played soccer with yesterday and they were all saying hi to us and like they recognized us made them super happy to see us again I learned more about myself that that I can do more things at home even if i'm not in a country that needs it as much and then he also got to go to kindergarten which was so much fun because they were so adorable they were so happy to have us and i learned some Spanish I learned that the moon is in the sky I really like being the host families and learning their culture how they lived what they did their spare time it really sort of into perspective the different cultures that you can experience when you're traveling my biggest shocker was when I was talking to my host sister about minimum wage and she said that her dad who was a teacher her 40s oles a month now the exchange rate is like 2.

77 soul is to one American dollar so i calculated it out to be like 15 US dollars a month and that's what their family of five was living off of and you could only work nine months of years they were living off of like a hundred and thirty dollars or you know something like that all year and it just blew my mind that they lived as well as they did for that little and that they were as happy as they were with that little just seeing how our host families live like I wasn't expecting that but really showed me that people can be completely happy and be so caring a bigger leave loving community without having to have like running water like 24 7 or have a tub s stoves and refrigerators and freezers and stuff like that then we just take for granted dear it impacted me in the wind like I'm going to be so much more grateful for everything that I have back home here in canada we have so much like a lot of us can't have Wi-Fi TV cell phones all sorts of things that we've grown used to but we can be so unhappy even with all of that and in motto i saw that a lot of people they didn't have as much like they were just simply it was simple living really like that electricity but mom didn't have a lot of what we have but they were still so happy and even when we when we were helping them and like building the ecological stones such it was just it was amazing to see how happy they were I was surprised when I got there and like I was able to communicate with them without actually speaking that much Spanish like the host a host family was super nice and they were sooo but like they understood that we were we do know spanish so that you think knew she knew like two words in English but we managed I think it made me a stronger person I think that now I've become more of a global sourcing and that can go and help anybody I'm not scared to step in and help somebody when they're on the street you're struggling or if there's anything I can do for a charity you are going another trip like this I can I feel more comfortable doing that now that I've done had this experience I think that I had a really long lasting impact on me because I dare law of volunteer work in the past and not all that's always direct contact with the people who you're leaving an impact with so when you actually just see the people you're healthy and you to see the final result it's earned just proves to you that what you're doing is worthwhile and also that it's making a greater impact for other people it's like a family and like even though they didn't you know they didn't have a whole lot it won't really matter didn't you know like they were just a very close community and they're very welcoming of us they would wash the hair but their idea of washing their hair is just putting water on their head which is very different from what we do here which in which we shower every single day and wash our body completely and make sure there are no germs whatsoever so i'll definitely appreciate the standard of living here and think of ways that we can help improve it throughout the world any new experience you get changes you because like now I have god I know what it's like to be at high altitudes and I know it's like to come the place we don't speak the language or two to be bone in with like 19 other people who've never met before then get along bait with them I never we had an experience shoveling mud and billing bricks and like making molds and stuff for it so it was really interesting I wasn't trying to pass a bricks through the doorway to the people inside so I got to watch the whole thing come together and it was really really amazing to me to see how dirt that we shoveled off the ground he picks with a little bit of water a little bit of straw and all of a sudden it was this usable piece of furniture is the right word but it was this usable appliance that someone could change their life with I wasn't totally sure what we were getting into that I think I did look them up online and stuff and got like you know general knowledge but it was really cool um just like making the bricks and then actually like seeing them to come together and moving the stove was really really cool to see the lady who had been cooking in her house she'd been cooking over a stove and inhaling tons of smoke destroying her lungs so it's gonna have a huge impact on her health and seeing the gratefulness in her face like hearing her talk about you know what a tough life she'd had and all the things that she had to call go through and how much it meant to her was just really really rewarding it was Herod work in the hot Sun good fodder and through that it was a gnome but it was very very very rewarding and it was completely worth the effort that went into it it just kind of like mmm like me do feel like you kind of made a difference it was a lot easier than I expected when i was leaving windsor which is where i phone I was so scared that I was able know the girls really like me and we were going to get along but we ended up the first day we were kind of quiet but then by like the second or third day we were talking and he could go up to anyone who talked to them and feel totally comfortable and now we feel like we've known each other their whole lives oh yeah like you know we were a little quiet the first couple of days but I don't know now we feel like we've known each other forever like you know there it's a great group so much because I mean it's not every day I mean girls from the maritime is being from bc i mean we've got a big country in between us so even making like I made one of my best friends is not from New Brunswick girl that's also super great busy programs are just like guy mosaic and so all of us have been talking acquitted that which is in Alberta in 2016 it's a really cool meeting people from all over the country and just getting to know different ways of living in each province I'm definitely planning to text and email them and i also got my host family's address so I'm going to be writing my host family a lot apply like definitely apply go for it like I know it's pretty scary like just I was so scared I had no idea how sick I cannot do this I can't go to send me recalled by myself but you do it and I do not good at first I can do it's like when the best thing you've ever done in my entire life when else you have an opportunity to do a trip like this if you're going to spanish-speaking country seriously learn some Spanish go in with an open mind go in expecting not that everything's going to go perfectly but go expecting to like you'll be well looked after and that you're going to make a bunch of friends it's got to be easy like it's going to be great because the happens if you're having doubts are you nervous or feel like you may not be ready this trip will teach you that you were capable way more than you ever might have thought you were it changes your life it's um so cool it gives you such a like bigger perspective on the world.

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