How To Move To Canada (IEC Work Travel Visa)

I wanted to answer a question there my friend sent me the other day and it's a question I get a lot since I come back from Canada so she just wanted to know whether it was worth going to Canada on the IEC program and when I get asked

this question my answer is pretty much the same every time and it's absolutely yes got to forgive my eyes for watering they'll probably water throughout this whole thing the IEC program it's for I'm talking about from a UK perspective as well it's for anyone between 18 and 30

and if you are 30 you can still apply and as long as you get your visa before you're 31 you can still go into the country so if you turn 31 and you already have your visa you'll still be granted access into the country the visa that I

had was just for a year but I know that now you're able to go for two years which is fab so yeah just try it out you don't even have to go for the full two years if you don't want to but it's something that we wanted to

have her I mean we've wanted to have her such a long time so is probably worth taking advantage of the fact that you can go for two years I graduated years ago and I obviously like worked in the working world and I just wanted to see what else

was out there what it would be like to live and work in another country because all I'd known was London and Bristol as well and yeah I just wanted to see how other people are doing things somewhere in the world where we speak the same language I always

said that I wanted to learn another language but it's not happened and I'm not too sure whether it well either overall it was a genuinely great experience and what I liked about Canada are the people the outdoors lifestyle well there's a lot to do and that's why I

moved there so that I could ski and snowboard it's clean it's green their lifestyles are really nice and that was a main kind of driving point for going I went to Whistler and BC because I wanted to be quite close to a city I only had like two

proper boyfriend both of them had done ski seasons in Canada one was in Lake Louise and Banff and the other guy did it in Fernie and what they'd said is there were both great resorts but again they were quite far away from a main city British Columbia as

a province it's really expensive so if you're thinking of going there I definitely bring more cash than is advised by the ICC I think on the icy website they recommend bringing $2,500 I pretty much spent that within a month of being there well I didn't like about it

little things like the banking system that we have here is so easy so if you want to put money in someone else's bank you don't get charged for little things like that you can just do it for free and so that was a little bit annoying also depending

on which bank you're with if you withdraw money from another bank its cash machine you get charged and there were a lot of banking charges that I didn't really understand what there were for or why they were there and utilities seem to be quite expensive I mean like

phone bills I think because Canada is so big and there aren't that many phone providers bills were just quite expensive we're used to having kind of all you eat all you can eat data as many minutes as you can for a reasonably low price that that doesn't really

exist in Canada oh yeah sorry tipping it's fine when you're a tourist and you're using British pounds but when I started earning in Canadian dollars I was on the minimum wage there which is around about $9 and so that's like 50 and how uh it just felt annoying

having to tear in Canada your tipping for pretty much anything so if you got an attack see you're expected to tip if you had your haircut you're expected to tip even when you got um I could take away and you you went to collect you still had to

tip and it's 20 percent was considered the normal amount advice that I wish that I'd taken before I went to Canada would be hat light I had three suitcases which was just so excessive and yeah I wish I took more pictures more videos it's hard cuz I was

living with in the moment so I wasn't taking as many pictures and videos as I was just enjoying myself before leaving I was super nervous about going and just the idea of arriving somewhere where you don't know anyone I think things like that your friends will always be

there when you get back so don't let something like that put you off going traveling you make friends so quickly it was so good and I I don't regret it at all and that's why I think that if you're considering it go and the only way you can

tell if you like something is to actually try it and if you don't like it you can always come home I don't have any regrets and I think in life you usually regret the things that you don't do rather than the things that you do so I'd recommend

going for

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