How to travel East Canada, Ontario & Quebec travel guide

Hi guys, I'm Budi Loonen aka The Creative Globetrotter I'm traveling the world since 2014 an on going mission to share you my travel experiences This is the travel guide how I travel from the west up to the east coast of Canada What was a part of my 2015 world tour An incredible journey with stunning landscapes and mountains Inspiring cities Famous highlights And local wildlife This is part 2 of the Canada trip.

In this episode i’m telling you about how to travel East Canada, The Ontario and Quebec provinces Also in this part there's co host and my travel buddy Mikael de Vries to join me up to Ottowa.

In the last episode you can see we traveled from Vancouver Island up to Calgary Because of the great plains after Calgary, 3500 kilometers of grassy countryside can be a bit boring So we took the plane from Calgary to Toronto Toronto is by far the biggest city of Canada with an impressive skyline.

You can take the ferry to Toronto Island park to see that amazing skyline.

And visit the islands itself You haven’t visit Toronto if you don’t visit the Toronto view point: the CN Tower With its 553m it is the highest building of Canada And up to 2007 the highest building in the world before the Burj Khalifa in Dubai broke this record Besides the CN Tower there so much to visit like:The old train yard Yonge Dundas square Wow Budi you have really fun with this anyway, the docks you can visit The old city hall The new city hall Chinatown And again no hockey but we saw in Rogers Centre the only Canadian Major League Baseball team The Toronto Blue Jays After a few days in Toronto we took a train to Niagara Falls.

One of the main attractions of Ontario.




of Canada anyway The train is from an American Company Amtrak and rides from Toronto to Buffalo, New York state.

Just before the Canada-US border don’t forget to get off the train because otherwise you end up in the United States.

Since the 19th century local and European immigrants are fascinated by the Waterfalls and from that day thousands of people visiting this main attraction each year There are three different Niagara falls.

The Bridal Veil falls what is a part of the American Falls.

On the American side And the most famous one are the Horseshoe Falls The border is exactly in between those falls Of course you can visit the falls up close We decide to visit the falls from the tunnels And from beneath As you can imagine the amount of water is so big the spray from that water makes totally 'soaky' wet within seconds.

Thát wet my camera didn’t work anymore The Niagara Falls are very beautiful but the area around can be a big tourist trap with a lot of bars, casino and entertainment.

We decided to leave asap back to toronto By bus we travel the next to Belleville and from there to the tiny place of Hillier on Prince Edwards County We stay for a couple of days with Andrew and Jonathan Jonathan I know, just like Curtis in Monique in the first part, from The Summercamp in Switzerland in 2010 And we stay in this amazing Metal house, just builded that house and we were the first visitors Prince Edwards County is located near one of the 5 great lakes Lake Ontario is one them.

For Dutch people the lakes can be very cold but Mikael give it a try Saint Edwards is the relaxing country side with its vineyards But Belleville is also known of the Sir James Whitney school.

A School for deaf people Jonathan works here so he gave us a tour Sir James Whitney the founder of the school has been buried in Belleville His grave stone contains ASL: American Sign Language From Belleville we took the train to OttawaThe Capital of Canada We stay in a the Prison hostel, a hostel is national heritage and they turned an old prison into a hostel From Parliament hill you can visit different old buildings We visit the parliament building and its tower with a nice view on Ottawa Ottawa is actually a compromise to being the captial.

Because of the English and French speaking community Toronto is English and Montréal is French Canadian They decide to choose for Ottawa.

The city lies exact on the province border The Ottawa river separates both provinces of Ontario (English) and Quebec (French) An interesting fact was that our King and Queen of The Netherlands was visiting Ottawa We saw the escort during nightfall In the evening we Enjoy the lightshow at the Parliament building on Parliament hill This was also the last day I spend my time with my travel buddy Mikael.

It was time for him to go home.

For me it was time to leave Ottawa and traveling further east to Quebec City Quebec city is the oldest city of Canada and from North America.

It gives you the feeling you are in Europe again with the typical old buildings, squares and streets But for a long time this city was the stronghold for the French speaking community Why there is a french speaking community here a short version: The french discovered new land in the Americas and build their first settlement near the saint lawerence river There were a lot of battles and wars with the english Eventually mid 18th century the french surrended and the English took over During the American Revolution the English were afraid Quebec join the Rebelling American states So they give the French speaking community more rights what includes their language Canada vs USA were at war in 1812 and it helps give the Canadians a Canadian identity what also includes the French part The French identity is so strong nowadays even stronger than in France.

For example the words.

In France they use the word stop for a stop sign In Quebec they prefer the word Arrêt because Stop reminds more of the English I mention hockey a lot in Canada episodes nd I got the chance to see the final of the Canadian Hockey League the 2nd tier below the famous NHL.

From Quebec City I get the bus to Saguaney.

Saguanay is very known of its nature parks and fjords.

For example Parc national du fjord du Saguenay The villages around like Chicoutimi and Lac Saint Jac From there it was the final part to reach the east coast of Canada to Tadoussac.

Also famous of their whale watching and its scenery Tadoussac it was time travel back to Saguenay back to Quebec and travel to my last city: Montréal.

Before I left Tadoussac I took the ferry from Tadoussac to Saint Catherine his ferry is for free because there is still no bridge on the road 138 In Montréal I jumped into the Francofolie festival.

A festival with a lot of dance and music and mostly french based language.

Montréal is the biggest city of the French speaking community and there are a lot things to see.

See the skyline from the hills around Montréal Notre Dame of Montreal with its colorful architecture Saint Helen’s Island and its Biosphere what as a part of the World Fair expo in 1967 Eat Poutine, fries with cheese and gravy And see Olympic Park during these days the world Championship soccer Or we say football or women was organized And what a coincidence it was Canada vs The Netherlands The final score of the match was 1-all After Montréal I traveled to Boston in the USA.

The amazing trip through the West to the East Coast of Canada came to an end And so is this episode, Thank you for watching and please subscribe for more travel guides If you any comments or you want to contact me post below or go to my website thecreativeglobetrotter.


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