How to travel West Canada travel guide British Columbia and Alberta

Hi guys, I’m Budi Loonen also known as The Creative Globetrotter And I’m traveling the world since 2014 an going mission to share you my travel experiences This is a travel guide how I did travel from the West up to the east coast of Canada What was a part of my 2015 world tour An incredible journey with stunning landscapes and mountains inspiring cities famous highlights and local wildlife This is the first part of the Canada trip How to travel West Canada So lets see how our fellow Canadians are doing shall we Before we start I want you introduce to my co-host and filmer Mikael de Vries I know him for years and ocassionally we do trips together.

We met eachother in the United States in the City of Seattle and together we travelled to Victoria Canada Because we decided use the local busses and ferries to Port Angeles via Bainbridge and Poulsbo, you save 70 US Dollars instead traveling directly to from Seattle to Victoria.

It take some hours and you’ve transfer busses but when you’re in Port Angeles it’s worth to travel through Washington state From Port Angeles I fell asleep on the Ferry to Victoria.

Because it was a long day In Victoria we met our Canadian friends Curtis, Monique and their adorable daughter Rachel We know Curtis and Monique for years when we met each other in Switzerland in 2010 Victoria is a nice town and is the Capital British Columbia Besides keeping our friends company we did also doing some city and whale watching An exciting and cold trip what took us over the straight of Juan de Fuca We saw some seals but it was waiting for the whale We didn’t saw the famous Orka but we were pleased to see the Humpback whale From Victoria we want to explore some parts of Vancouver Island We had a short stop in Nanaimo and we saw the famous trees of Cathedral grove On the same day we travel all the way to the other side of Vancouver Island, to Tofino Also known as Surfhotspot The road from Tofino up to Ucleluet is famous of numerous hiking trails and when there’s a lot of wind for storm watching One of the trails is the very known Wild Pacific Trail with parts of the lighthouse loop ancients cedar trees breaking waves and dramatic rocks on shore After 5 days we decided to travel back to Victoria Stay for one day at Curtis & Monique again The day after we took from Victoria harbor the ferry to Vancouver the biggest city of British Columbia province I know Canadians like some hockey but during summertime we saw soccer or football of the Vancouver Whitcaps We did also a cycling tour through Vancouver and we saw Stanley park Enjoy the skyline of Vancouve Granville Island, with its small shops and foodcourts Gastown Lynn Canyon Park From Vancouver City we want to travel to the Canadian Rocky Mountains The distance is quite far so after a day full of driving We decide to stay over night near Shuswap Lake we slept in some old train carriages Ah yes, Mikael want of course do some show off After one night we travel all the way to Beauty Creek in the hearth of the Canadian Rocky Mountains We traveled through 3 national parks Yoho, Banff and Jasper national park We decide to stay in Jasper because Banff can be full of tourists the amount of people stay in Jasper national park is a lot less By passing the Province border we were in Alberta and it is amazing to see the first mountains of the Canadian Rockies The Rockies mountain range exist since the dawn dinosaurs And it feels sometimes that way In Beauty Creek we stay for one night in a wilderness hostel very back to basic with no electricity and heath The famous highway 93 took us further into the mountain range to the Athabasca falls Near the falls we stay in an other wilderness hostel This was a bit more civilized by having electricity and heath but no streaming water Jasper was our final destination along the highway 93 of our last hostel in the Canadian Rockies Actually we saw so much in one week it is impossible to edit in one video.

But I give it a try It feels so good to see some wild life especially when you see the notorious black bear we were lucky to see a mother bear with young bears Less unfortunate I was go to Sulphur skyline and see nothing on top because of bad weather while Mikael was smart to swim in the hot pools After 6 days we traveled back from Jasper all the way to Calgary.

Of course we did some sightseeing in Banff national park by the famous highway 93 we switched to highway 1a and again it is too much to tell so again a short version At last we reach Calgary after an amazing journey.

In Calgary we met James Ferguson an other Canadian friend I’ve met during his travels in Europe Why are you looking up Mikael? Ah the Calgary tower with a tremendous view and a scary transparent floor James Insist to eat some local food from the Peter’s milkshakes and Tubby dogs and learn him some Dutch in the a typical dutch Pancake restaurant While he looks a little bit funny In winter it’s very common to have temperatures of -30 Celcius Or even more Calgary got the most expensive skywalk to connect buildings and sty indoors during winter Also a nice highlight is the Calgary Olympic park The 1988 Olympic games were held here and you can still visit the park and do some winter sports Like bobsled Skiing And do some luge carts The Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is nice addition to see And read everything about the famous Canadian sports athletes and also try some sports My Canadian friends recommend to fly all the way to Toronto instead of driving a car It can be vey boring if you travel 3500 kilometers and see day after day grassy countryside So we took the plane to Toronto what we experienced there is coming up next Thank you for watching and please subscribe for more travel guides If you any comments or you want to contact me post below or go to my website thecreativeglobetrotter.


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