India to Canada flying with British Airways travel vlog (Kolkata – Mumbai – London – Toronto)

Only two.

Well I think you can guess where we are.

Back at the airport.

Back at the airport.

So yeah, this is it for us in India.

We have got a lot flights ahead of us.

Why don't you tell us about those.

Well okay.


So initially we were thinking of travelingaround Asia a little bit longer.


But honestly it has been like seven or eightmonths.

No, it has been longer.

It has been closer to nine I think.


Anyways, it has been a long time and we'refeeling a little bit tired.

We're missing family, we also want to visitour pets.

So we're heading back to Canada.

Yeah, and there is a new addition to Audrey'sfamily.

Yeah, so we have a German Shepherd.

It is kind of sad but my two cats and my dogpast away in the last year.

In the last few months.


So we'll be meeting my German Shepard Togo.

My pup brother.


I already call him Wolfie.

He looks like a little wolf.

Yeah, he is really cute.

We can't wait to meet him for the 1st time.

So first things first we're at the Food Boulevardinside the airport and we're going to go get some food because we didn't have a very bigbreakfast.

And I'm hungry and Sam is hungry and the foodlooks good here.

Sam was kind enough to go get me food andI'm having some stir-fried noodles with vegetables.

What you got looks really good as well.

I know.

What did you get? Haha.

Sneak peak over here.

I got cheese dosa and one of my favorite Indiandesserts – Jalebi.

So and that is not all.

You went to another little stand for Momos.

There is more momos and the best part aboutthe more momos is that there is going to be two kinds of them.

So there is a chocolate add on.




That is a surprise.

So we have paneer momos and chocolate momoscoming.

So pour dear Audrey over here has a bit ofa cold.

Oh my gosh it won't go away.

Anyways I'm really interested in this spork.

A spoon and a fork.


Is it actually what it is called? Rolled into one.

I think so.

Or did you just invent a name.

No, I'm pretty sure there is such a thingas a spork.

And this is still steaming.


Let's see how it is.

It looks pretty good.

So they had the choice between Sichuan andGarlic sauce but they said the Sichuan sauce was too hot so I got you garlic.

Because I know your throat is a little soretoo.


How is that? This is spicy too.

Is it? Oh no.

A little spicy but I like that is has vegetables.

We've got carrots.

Oh my gosh.

Carrots, peas, corn.

Uh, cabbage.

So a little bit of everything and yeah mymouth is already on fire.

But this is really tasty and let's show yoursnext.

Alright, so I decided to get a cheese dosa.

I'm just going to unwrap it for you guys.

Look at that thing of beauty.

Time to roll is back up.

You can see the melted cheese in there.

So I'm just going to rip that bad boy in halfand yeah I've got lots of dipping sauces.

This is pretty cool.

Something that looks like dal.

That looks like a spicy one.

No idea what that one is.

It is probably a curd or a yoghurt based sauce.

The white one.

Oh man that is good.

Oh yeah, the food just keeps coming.

So we got paneer.

Um, basically deep-fried momos which are thetypical Indian style dumplings and man these look good.

These look really good.

They look like little packages.

They do.

And they are piping hot.

I literally just picked them up.

Maybe too hot.

And the paneer for anyone who doesn't knowis like the Indian type of cottage cheese so it should be really good.

I dipped it in what appears to be like a palaksauce.

A spinach sauce.

Oh wow.

Oh man.

Yeah, those are good.

You can see the cheese in there.

Look at how much is in there.

They are plump.

Generously stuffed.


Yeah, plump is a good word to describe them.

Well, well time to indulge your sweet toothAudrey.

Ready to do the honors.

Here we go.

Oh my look at that.




that looks messy.

Oh is there chocolate inside? Oh woah.

Look at that.

How is it? It is kind of like a chocolate muffin.

Is it? It is like doughy chocolate inside.

When I first saw it I thought oh it kind oflooks like a brownie inside.

Yeah, like a brownie.

You're right.

It is more like a brownie than a muffin.

Oh okay.

Status update with Audrey Bergner.

Status update.

We're going to our gate and we should be boardingin an hour and then we'll be in Mumbai.

You know what? We''ll have 5 or 6 hours to kill.

This has been a really comfortable airport.

It is not too crowded, it is very modern.

I think it opened not too long ago.

Lots of really good services.

Good restaurants.

It is so cold.

The AC.

I like.

I love the AC.

It is like winter in here.

This is colder than Canada.


No it is not.


Wake-y wakey.

Leg one of three completed.

We made it to Bombay and now we're pickingup our bags.

And they didn't give us our like boardingpasses for the other two legs of the journey.

And they didn't check our luggage throughso we may have to go out and back in again.

You know what? It actually gives us something to do becausewe have 9 hours to kill.

I know.

Oh my gosh.


Our flight is 6 pm right now and our flightisn't until 2 am.

Actually sorry 8 hours.

We can spend one hour eating.

That is because our plane was late.

Yeah, we're definitely going to get some foodguys.


Food is on the agenda.

So it is dinner time here in Bombay.

Yep, so here in Mumbai we found well we basicallyfound Mexican food.

Oh lah lah.

Where we are actually waiting like if youwere to go to another food section we'd have to exit through security.

That is a pain so there isn't a lot of restaurantoptions here.

So we found this spot it looked kind of comfortableand yeah most of the food was like Mexican, American burgers and International.

International they had like tamales and stufflike that so yeah we're just gonna.

The cheese.

It looks good.

So this kind of tastes like doritos out ofa bag with like some cheese whiz, tomatoes, beans.

So it is not bad.

For Mexican food in India I can't really complain.

Yeah, it is not going to win any awards butit hits the spot.


We're hungry.

And I can't believe we're hungry.

We ate on the plane and we ate before we goton the plane.

I had breakfast.

You can't believe we're hungry.

We're always hungry.

And then the second order has arrived.

We got a vegetable fondue and it comes withtoast, bread and fries.

Let's try that fondue.

Dip it in.

It is not bad.

Yeah, it is pretty good.

Pretty good.

Thumbs up.

Thumbs up.

And this is the part where we've become irredeemablepiggies.

Okay, all Sam had to do was go and order onedessert and he comes back and he's like I think I accidentally ordered two.

How does that happen? I couldn't decide between the two.



So we've got um that one is fudge tort.


And this one over here is brownie.

So ooh.

Yeah, why don't you try them both.

It is like a chocolate extravaganza.


Yummy? That is good.

Let's try this one too.





Do you like one more than the other? The tort.


Tort for the wine.

Here is a little secret.

I packed the deodorant in my checked luggageso I haven't put some on in a while but I've just went through the duty free and grabbedsome perfume and spff.

And that is going to be my plan for everyairport stop.

You're becoming more like me all of the time.

Like you value your cheapskate moments.

Free samples! So I don't even remember when I was last inIndia.

It was probably like six, seven or eight yearsago but I do remember that Mumbai Airport did not look like this.

Like it is swanky.

They've redecorated and renovated and it isreally pretty.

So I'm going to find a seat and Sam is goingto give you a tour.

What you doing? Say hi.

I found a piece of furniture that could bea table or it could be like some kind of couch or some kind of chair.

Right now it is my bed.

Zombie mode.

It is 2 AM.

Fresh off of the plane and priorities whenin the UK.

What is the first thing you did? Fresh is a very relative.


When you've been traveling as long as us butuh.

Okay now this is a major confession time.

It may look like I'm just opening this butsurprise I've probably had like three quarters of the fudge already.

There is only three pieces left.

And I already know how good it tastes so yeah.

I think I'll give Audrey one.

You're not a big fudge fan.

I don't even like fudge that much.

Which is a good thing for me.

I've been thinking about this moment for days.

For days.

I was thinking like what can I get in Londonthat I really want to have.

And this is not just any kind of fudge.

It comes from Scotland.

This is Scottish traditional fudge.

And you can actually find this brand Ms.


Mrs Tilleys.

You can find it in some Canadian supermarkets.

Not many.

Actually I've only seen it in once in Fredericton.

But man it is good.


So I go off on a little food mission to spendthe rest of our quid and what do I come back with? Well this looks like salmon and cream cheesesandwich and then a gingerbread man because Sam says apparently this is very British.

I don't think so.

This is just festive.

It is festive.

Actually it reminds me of home.

I used to have ginger bread men when I visitedmy grandparents as a little boy.

When Sam was a little boy.

When I was a little wee one.

A little red headed boy.

Oh man I'm so congested I can barely hearmyself speaking.

Look at all of that salmon.

It looks good.

It looks so good.

Because we haven't been eating enough havewe? No.

Actually breakfast on the plane was prettysucky.

Well you're not going to believe this butwe stopped for food yet again.

We're still in London.

We haven't gone anywhere.

So mint tea, hash browns, avocado, we haveFrench Toast with blueberries.

The star of the show.

Some ham and baked beans.

Baked beans.

Oh my gosh.

You're going to sample it all for us.

And we're going to be fed on the plane becauseit is like an eight flour eight hour flight.

I'm not I'm going to have no room to eat theplane food.

That is not such a bad thing.

This is way better.

And we're at the Giraffe which you can seeup there.

Heading over to the T Dot.

Last leg.


Three of three.

Almost there.

Oh my goodness we are here.

We are out.

We arrived in Toronto probably like two hoursago bu we had to sit on the plane because someone was sick and paramedics had to comeon and then the immigration line was really long.

We're here.

There is Sam.

My sister picked me up.

We're on our way home and we're going to meetmy dog.

Well not my dog.

My Dad's dog.

My family dog.



Anyways it has been a very long video.

Three flights over the course of like twodays.

So we're going to say goodbye.

Goodbye everyone.

Now it is time to meet Wolfie.

Wolfie that is my name.


That is not his name.

It is Togo.

Haha bye.

Say hi Togo.

Hello to the world.

I'm a cute puppy.

Look this way Togo.



I'm a cute puppy.


Togo are you being camera shy all of a sudden.



Oh Togo.



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