Korea Trip is Over! Korean Sauna Experience + Flying Home to Canada

good afternoon good afternoon guysgreetings from sunny Seoul South Korea I am down to my last few hours here inSeoul so what I've decided to do is do two of my favourite thingsI'm going to a Korean Jjimjilbang Korean sauna which is just a fantastic way torelax hot tubs saunas

themed rooms it's gonna be such a nice way to relax justbefore I catch my flight home also I planned bowls dolsot bibimbap my favoriteKorean food aside from Korean BBQ and yeah I'm just at Seoul station at themoment and there is my favorite sauna it's a short walk from

here I'm going toshow you how I get there and show you the salon experience before we head offto the airport when you arrive at Seoul station you just need to head to thehome plus giant department store grocery store and walk through it you're gonnawant to walk through the

food court area and once you've reached that you justtake the escalator down exit the building and you're basically right atthe footsteps of the shiloam sauna so once you've reached outside of thebuilding you just need to head directly right and you're gonna find a giantintersection you cross that and

you just have to go up this tiny little hill andyour rate at Siloam sauna guys I'm so excited to be going back tothe sauna actually about three years ago when Audrey and I were visiting Seouland we stayed here for a whole month we stayed near Seoul station and

we werewithin walking distance of the Selma I kid you not I probably came here five tosix times a week almost every day it's just the most relaxing thing for me todo here in Korea I just love it just kind of its therapeutic just sweatingand relaxing it's just literally

exactly what I wanted to be doing with my finalfew hours here and so it's my favorite thing to do at the sauna is actually togo and grab a meal first so I'm doing just thatthere's an extensive menu can get JK's you can get John of your Korean food

butmy favorite thing yet by far is a stone pot it's rice which is called dolsot bibimbap oh my gosh she was so delicious it comes with lots of fan chants and it'sjust a big portion so it's gonna be like my last really big meal here in Koreaand I

can't wait to have it so what you do is you just walk up to the dininghall which is on the second floor and place your order you pay with cash andthen you get a little buzzer and once it starts above up a buzzing that's whenyou know your food's

ready oh it's ready it is ready don't sell methat look at that guys the dual slot bibimbap has arrived look at all theingredients carrots mushrooms bean sprouts radish oh my gosh another kindof mushrooms seaweed greens egg on top and the gochujang red pepper paste sauceI'm gonna let it

cook for a bit so the rice burns on the bottom and we alsohave the seaweed soup which is called the meal Guk it's really tasty andserved often on birthdays here is a tour of the banchan various kinds of bondJohn without fish pickled vegetables of course gimchi hmm Jim

she is so freshand tasty super spies it let's try the fish Karen they're a little bit sweetsuper sweet and oily dried fish these are like jelly it over here oh whoopsit's hard to grab them with the chopsticks alright let's try the souppiping hot it's so happy to be

having C we love saving this meal could go solveall of the bibimbap now time for the star of the show I'm going to show youhow I stir the bibimbap so basically guys you just get right in there youbreak the egg and move it around oh yeah I can

tell that some of the rice hasbeen burnt on the bottom and you just very like crazy until it's all mixedperfectly you'll know it's mixed wall plan basically it looks uniformthroughout mix mix mix mix mix it's almost done now such a healthy meal toso many vegetables so I love

a little Korea it's so easy to eat healthy heredelicious food that's also really healthy for you toolove that about Korea all right I think that is done it's just as good as I remembered beinghere honestly one of the big perks of coming to the sauna is that they

makeexcellent food really really good Korean food so I'm really happy to be havingthis goals left bibimbap and for it so it maintained its standard – spicy tonsof different vegetables for Seoul's over Oh lunch was absolutely fantastic evenbetter than I remembered to be honest that's probably the best bowl

of theslop bibimbap I've had on this entire chip but anyways guys I kind of wantedto let you know about the entire experience here like what it's like tocomment to the sauna because there's certain parts obviously I can't filmbecause it's naked areas and change rooms and whatnot so what

happens is youcome into the entrance you pay for your feeyou have the option of doing sauna only or gym jabong if you do ginger balm likewhat I'm doing they give you a uniform shorts and a t-shirt and that gives youaccess to the entire building not just a sauna

area but the second floor with therestaurant there's more floors with movie rooms special rooms like this isbiggest sauna I've ever been to and so basically I decided to pay 2,000 more soeleven thousand won instead of nine thousand won for access to these specialfeatures and you could stay as

long as you want which is super cool I mean youcould a lot of people actually come here on the weekends to relax and maybethey'll spend like an entire afternoon they may go to the sauna for an hourmaybe then they have a lunch for an hour they'll come and

watch a movie they'llwork out at the gym they'll take a sleep here so I mean there's various thingsthat you can do at the gym jokbal which makes it so so cool and for the timebeing I'm just going to show you a couple of different rooms and then I'mgoing

to actually enjoy the sauna the part which I actually can't show you sobasically when you go to the salon oh you get naked there's a area for justmen an area for just women so it's completely separated and yeah that's thebest part of coming to the gym shabak for

sureI'm going into the icer right now I'm Canadian or what how cool gonna feeloh my gosh look pure ice ice on the walls and it's got a blue like oh herehere's a temperature look at that white it's six Wowit's chilly in here but you know what it's so

hot outside and soul that I'mactually enjoying this more on race guys that concludes my tour Jim's a ball nowit's time for me to take these off and head to the song which obviously cannotshow you so I was so incredibly refreshing Oh feel like a million bucksafter being in

the sauna it's just all the different hot tubs and sweatingrooms and then basically jumping into the pool pool which I call the PolarPlunge it just reinvigorates you feel a lot better than even if I have a nap bygoing to the sauna that's how good I feel afterwards anyways

I need to headback to my apartment gather my stuff and start getting ready to head to the trainstation I am a little bit behind oh my gosh I never running so behind guys soI'm gonna give you the world's fastest gorillas apartment who are here in SeoulSouth Korea I'm

gonna flip the camera around and just show you the place okayguys so there's a place to kick off our shoes we got a nice shoe rack here someumbrellas to use and a bracket cleaner which came in quite handy directly tothe right we have the bathroom it's a wet

shower which I just took ashower one more before I leave and uh yeah hey very standard Korean shower youput on those shoes so you don't get wet shower sprays everywhere yeah hangingout my towels okay so this was our living room we had basically the couchover here David and

I drank wine there at night we had deaths we didn't reallyutilize too much tiny kitchen this is awesome I could have done her wash herclothes if we had time basically everything you would need in the kitchenmicrowave tiny fridge here's my room so all basicallyparked up there's really nothing

here this is David's room I'm not gonna goand show too much messy bed David make your bed anyways I'm late so I need toget to Seoul station as soon as possible I'll have an update for you guys whenI'm about the train for Incheon InternationalAirport so I finally made

it to Seoul station ohmy gosh what does ooh that place is so basically I had to go underground to themetro area pop up go through the whole train station right to the very end andthen underground a bunch of escalators so as if you're coming to Seoul stationand you're

taking the train to the airport keep in mind that it takes quitea while to get through all of that like probably 15 20 minutes to get down tothe platform and I use my t-money card and it's only gonna cost me about 4000won to get there and I believe

the journey is gonna be just over an hourwaiting right now at 2:35 and I'm hoping to get there sometime before 3:00 at thetrain arrives soon arrived at the airport oh man that wassuch a quick ride only 60 minutes and guys if you want to take an even fastertrain

the Express train just takes me 40 minutes I believe the price is 9001 youdon't stop at as many stations the train travels faster and you get assignedseats where is the train I took into general seating is amazing like anyother natural so guys I got my boarding pass that

was an absolute breeze notmuch of a lineup but the only other thing I want to see if I can do isexchange these t-money cards the transportation card basically has somemoney on it and I want to see if I can get a refund or not so hopefully theytold me

to come down to the first level and just go to any convenience store Ishould be able to get a refund but I guess I'll find out in a few minutes soquick update about the t-money cards I ended up going to the information deskand they told me that I

can go to a convenience store and get a refund but Ichecked the computer store there's like an insane line and you know what guys Iknow for sure I'm gonna be back in Korea so I'm just gonna hang on to these it'llbe really handy oh and I should mention

that this one from 2014 had some creditleft on it so when I arrived I was too late but to use it it never expires soit's actually worth holding on to them if you think you're gonna be back inKorea well guys if check-in was a breeze immigration was even

easier IncheonInternational Airport is one of my favorite in the world so clean modernand efficient so easy to get through that process of check-in and immigrationso right now I have about an hour and a half to kill have a little bit of oneleft over and so I'm thinking of

grabbing a few presents for Audrey andfamily oh yeah I'm just gonna wander it around and see what kind of souvenirs orchocolate or whatever I can find and yeah spend all my want this is areally cool store you can buy a traditional Korean handicrafts and othersouvenirs and it's kind

of high-end stuff it's not like cheap souvenirs forexample you have tables that start at eight hundred thousand won which isabout seven hundred dollars and you also have dining sets for three hundredthirty thousand won about three hundred dollars chopsticks all kinds of thingshere so the first step in here

is a take okie these are magnetic coasters oh thisis fascinating so the Korean flag is called the taeguk II symbolizes theultimate origin of the universe and depicts the rise of yin and yang it sureis busy at the airport check out the crowds guys lots and lots of people

herewaiting for their flights and I think I see a robot up ahead yep it is a robotthis store looks kind of interesting it specializes in Korean red ginseng thatKorean chicken looks so good so tempting but I know if I ate that right before aflight I'd regret it for

sure so I just blew all my one I grabbed two moremagnets one for Audrey's parents and one for mine guys it's so hard to believethat my trip is almost over I mean these two weeksabsolutely flew by I mean the first week that I had with the group was

a lot offun my favorite experience by far was atemple state I have wanted to do a temple state for years and to finallyhave the opportunity to do it I mean it even exceeded my expectations sixperiods of all the bowing eating the temple food and just being able to

sleepovernight was was really incredible and something I'll never forgetand with David I love their time in Busan and in DaeguI mean Daegu was probably the friendliest place that we visited inKorea so many friendly locals and then in Busan we had the chance to watch aFacebook game and also

go to the fish market so I'm flying back home with AirCanada today and the interesting thing is this going to be 30 minutes shorterthan the flight coming here but still over 13 hours so a very very long flightmega flight hopefully I can sleep for most of it I

am feeling tired alreadybut I have a feeling I'll be watching a lot of movies as well it's nice to be back in Canadaback to back amazing place basically zero turbulence going there zeroturbulence going back the big difference though is that I was able to sleep a lotmore on

this particular plate I slept about half the time had a couplemeals and watch The Godfather Part 1 & 2 that's like it doesn't get better thanthat on a long-haul flight it's gotta grab my bag and then it's time to meetAudrey and toga and look who it is just

kidding did you enjoy our stories that'swhat you've seen so far the David Bowie yeah so Sam is really bad at sendinglike update emails Facebook messages with David's for I was watching Davidstories yeah that's how I know what what what look most interesting the food thefood was amazing yeah

and it's nice to see you again Imiss here and let's go let's go let's go say hi to togi I wonder if you'llremember me so

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