LAKE LOUISE AND MORAINE LAKE | Hiking in Banff, Canada – Travel Vlog 04

See that ladies and gentlemen? That's sweat.

That's the sign of a man hard at work.

He's hard at work.

This hike is no joke.

But we're doing it.

Hands down, my favorite part of the trip was all the hiking we did.

First the sevenhour hike near Lake Louise and then the scary climb we made at Moraine Lake thenext day Here's how it went down.

So we just got to Lake Louise and I've seen photos of Lake Louise many many times on Instagram andit looked like it was Photoshopped you know, the color of the water is just so blue andbeautiful, but you can't photoshop video like this is the color of the waterand it's beautiful, it is just goegeous So if Banff is on your bucket list make sure you come to Lake Louise.

If Banff is not on your bucket list, make sure you move it to the top becauseexperiencing this is different it's not like anything you've ever seen before So, we're getting ready to check into ourhotel at the Fairmont on Lake Louise Look at this place.

It's gorgeous.

yep right along the lake Look at this you have all of this in thebackground.

We've got the lake It's beautiful.

I'm totally just kidding, we we're not ballin' like that.

We're not staying here.

I wish but it is gorgeous and just alittle tip, before you start hiking up to the teahouses you might want to go intothe hotel to use the bathroom because once you get up there, all they have is alittle outhouse and it's kind of nasty so.



Trust me, you will thank me, you willthank me.

Are you tired Karl? We just started hiking.



Karl: “I'll meet you guys when you come back down.

” The hike just started.



(laughs) [Snapchat Recap]: Hiking up the mountain at Lake Louise all the way to the top to get to the teahouses and thank God I layered up, because it started out cold but now it is HOT.

Karl: “You gotta make it skip” Alright I'm done.

I tried.

Oh my gosh, look at all the horse poo.

It's everywhere! Geez.

And it's fresh.

Be careful where you walk.

There's this really awesome tea houseand you can go get something to eat you can go get some tea.

And you can just sit out and look at this beautiful view Ooh, this tea is good guys.

What kind of tea did you get? Green chai, You want to taste it? It's really good.

I like it.

Karl: “It likes you.

” Just drinking tea, enjoying this beautiful view.

This is life.

Alright so now we're going to actuallytry to go all the way over there to where the snow is.

Karl: “Vaminos muchachas.

” Alright.

Here we go.

We're going to keep on hiking up.

Saying good bye to this beautiful scenery.

But I'm sure we'll see it again on our way back down.

[Snapchat Recap]: Every time I think we're done hiking and we're not going to go any further, wekeep going further.

We're going to go all the way up there.

Is that snow?! Are we really this high up? There's snow.

Oh my gosh.

Like we saw this from the ground, ya know? I don't think you get a signal up here.

We're too high up.

Karl: “How about now? Can you hear me now?” Alright, so I thought we were done butwe're actually gonna hike all the way up there now.

[Snapchat Recap]: So we finally made it all the way to the top and look where we came from! We came all the way from down there.

This is crazy.

We hiked all the way fromdown there, up here.

Karl: “Started from the bottom now we here.



“How do we get back down?” We made it! That was crazy.

We're not doing this again.

So, we are hiking back down a completely different way than we came up.

This is just straight wilderness people we are out in the wild we are all by ourselves we don't see anyother people No other tourists.


This is actuallykinda dangerous, what we're doing right now.

And the sun is setting so.



let's just hope this isn't my last video post.

This is like the Blair Witch Project.

We're almost down to the entrance.

We've been hiking for like 7 hours.

We made it! We made it! We hiked all the way downfrom the top of that mountain and we are the last people to make it out of thattrail, that's crazy.

I think I see a little bit blue up ahead which means where we're going might be clear.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

[Snapchat Recap]: So yesterday we went to Lake Louise Now we're headed to Lake Moraine which is half the size of Lake Louise, but we hear It's twice as beautiful.

So well see.

We are at beautiful Moraine Lake and we just climbed to the top of these rocks to take pictures and to seethis amazing view here.

Look at this.

[Snapchat Recap]: So you see that you see that hammock down there? I literally just sat in it and thank God I did not fall into the lake.

It scared thecrap out of me but I did it.

Now we're about to climb back down and I don't know how we're gonna get back down, because this climb up was crazy [Snapcat Recap]: We're gonna climb all the way back over these rocks and down to the other side.

I guess you can say we're rock climbing.

I don't have food! Ohhh he smells food in my bag.

I have food in my purse! [Snapchat Recap]: We just climbed all the way to the top of that, went around all the way to where the hammock was and now it's starting to rain so we got down just in time.

This man right here is officially myride-or-die for indulging me and climbing to the top of that with me.

Thank you.

Y'all we lost our friends.

Wewere supposed to meet up at five-thirty and they're nowhere to be found and nowit's raining.

I hope they didn't get kidnapped.

They wouldn't get kidnapped out here right? Not in the Canadian Rockies Canadians are so nice here.

They should be okay right? Right? [Snapchat Recap]: Look, we found them! They're here.

Now we're heading back.

Sun is out.

Everything is all good.

Jen loves country music! Right Karl?.

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