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We've been to Toronto, Niagara Falls, the1000 Islands, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Today in the last leg of our Canadian journeywe visit Québec City.


We arrive at Québec City in the early afternoon, after driving for over three hours from Montreal.

Our hotel: The Chateau Laurier, very welllocated.

Next to the hotel is the Grand Allée, oftencalled the Champs Ellysees of Québec City, lined with Victorian mansions it is the epicenterof the city's nightlife.

We are hungry so we have a late lunch at thisplace we've chosen at random called L'Atelier.

The pulled pork poutine and the Québecoiswine were spectacular.

We walk towards the old city.

Our hotel, as I mentioned, is impeccably locatedright next to the Québec City Armory, which unfortunately was partially destroyed in afire back in 2006.

As we can see we are just a few blocks awayfrom Les Fortifications, the old city walls.

As we walk along we pass by the ParliamentBuilding, home to the Parliament of Québec, inspired by the Louvre in Paris.

The Fontaine de Tourny, originally built inFrance in 1854.

Let's walk through the Saint Louis Gate underthe city walls into Saint Louis Street, which takes us into the historic heart of the city.

Québec City is the only fortified city leftin North America, it is often called the America's most European city and I can see why, I meanlook around, look at this street and we're just scratching the surface here.

The white building with the red roof is AuxAnciens Canadiens, the quintessential French Canadian restaurant, which we'll visit later, of course.

The French Embassy at the heart of town.

We finally arrive to the Terrasse Deuferinewhere we can admire the most photographed hotel in the world and pretty much the symbolof Québec City: The Château Frontenac.

This is the newly repaired statue of Samuelthe Champlain who was a French explorer, and the founder of New France and Québec City.

The whole historic district is a UNESCO worldheritage site.

Old Québec is divided into the upper andlower city, and right now we are in the upper part of town.

We continue walking around and as you cansee it feels very much like you are in Europe, with the outdoor cafes and street musicians.

It is such a beautiful afternoon, perfectweather.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral.

This tall building is Édifice Price, theonly skyscraper in old Québec, City Hall, or should I say Hôtel de Ville, and hereit is the Notre Dame de Québec, which stands on the site of the city's first chapel.

Right next to it the entrance to the UniversitéLaval, which we are going to circumnavigate now if you will.

We start by walking on the side of the NotreDame on Rue de Buade.

We encounter this building which we foundout is the post office.

Walking around Montmercy Park we get a fewglimpses of the lower city with the Place Royal fist and the Saint Lawrence River inthe distance.

This mural is called Le Fresque des Québecois.

The Universite Laval was originally the Seminarieof Québec established by the first bishop of New France to train young men for the priesthood.

Today it is both university and seminary andthe site of the School of Architecture.

As we continue walking along, we spot RueSous-le-Cap, the street beneath the cape, which is somewhat hidden between the cliffand the backs of the Rue Saint Paul houses.

Unique with all its stairs and walkways, itused to be the city's red light district at one point in the past.

We continue walking along on the side of theLaval University, this time by the School of Music, walking the steep grade towardsthe square wedged between the City Hall and Notre Dame.

There are street performers doing their thing, doing some kind of stunt so let's watch.

Next we go to the lower city down these stairsand this steep street called Cote de la Montagne.

And more stairs, the Escalier Casse-Cou.

This area is called Quartier du Petit Champalin, and its main drag Rue du Petit Champlain.

Cobblestone streets, restaurants, shops, andtourists, lots of tourists.

I need a beer.

This mural is La Fresque du Petit Champlain.

Located where Petit Champlain Merges withBoulevard Champlain.

We continue roaming the streets of the oldlower city.

What a view of the Château Frontenac.

And this is La Fresque Des Québecois, onceagain, which depicts the city's history and it's many historical figures.

We take the funicular back to the upper city.

There will be more time to explore tomorrow.

This funicular, by the way, it is pretty historictoo.

It is the only one of its kind in North America.

It was built in 1879, originally wooden andsteam powered.

It was electrified in 1907, and then rebuiltin metal after it caught fire in 1945.

At the top, we are once again by the statueof Samuel the Champlain, the city founder, and the Edifice Price, the art deco skyscraper, somewhat reminiscent of the Empire State, and the Chateau Frontenac, commanding thescene, and the wide boardwalk of the Terrasse Dufferin, created in 1879 by Lord Dufferin, Canada's governor at the time.

We pass by the main entrance to the Hotel.

Did I mention it is the most photographedone in the world? We also stumble upon the US Consulate.

Good night.

We wake up on the next day, eager to continueexploring, and we find out that today they are having a bicycle race.

Once again we approach the old city.

We walk along Rue Saint Louis.

We pass by the Place D'Armes.

I think we've seen that statue before.

We take the funicular down to the lower city, as it is our intention to take the ferry to the other side of the river.

Once again we enjoy the charm of the QuartierPetit Champlain and the great view of the Chateau Frontenac.

The ferry crosses the river to the neighboringcity of Lévis, although the main reason we are taking the ferry is for the views.

There's not a whole lot to see on the otherside, so we return.

And the bicycle race is going full throttle.

We have lunch at Bistro Sous le Fort.

Very nice, very cozy inside, great food, andmay I recommend the Brie cheese flavored with rum, maple syrup and topped with pecans.

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Moving along, we've been to this area alreadyso lets go back up to the upper city.

They are having some kind of comedic act.

I don't get it, not my type of humor.

And the race goes on.

We go inside the Château Frontenac for oneof the best martinis ever.

The ambiance had a lot to do with it too butthe martini was great, and Beautiful hotel by the way.

Oh, come on.

More racing.

We discover this hidden park on Mont-Carmel, the Parc du Cavalier-du-Moulin.

Hidden from the crowds of tourists it wasthe site of an old windmill.

And we pass by this residential area too.

Not sure if we are trespassing.

We go back to the hotel and the bicycle racehas finally ended apparently.

And we're back the race is over.

Next we go to the top floor of the Observatoirede la Capitale.

Besides the 360 degree views, there is alsoa historic museum with photographs.

Very interesting in a 1960's kind of style.

From up here we can also see the Grand Alléeand our hotel.

The Fontaine de Tourny is apparently a popularspot for wedding photos, and guess what, we are going back one more time.

This time, however we are exploring Les Fortification, the city walls.

We don't really take the tour, since we preferto explore on our own and enjoy the sights.

This doesn't work.

Pains of Abraham, there's a big concert comingup next month.

We're going to miss it.

The Plains of Abraham was the site of thebattle where the French lost to the British.

This determined the fate of Canada and foreverchanged the course of North American history.

We arrive by the river, and begin walkingon this boardwalk, and going down these stairs that I suspect will eventually lead us tothe Terrasse Dufferin.

And I was right! Here's it is, and great views of the riverand our famous hotel.

Tonight we are having dinner at Aux AnciensCanadiens, a very well recommended Québecois restaurant as I said before.

We had a pretty good wine and the pea soup, and we had the bison, bourguignon style, with poutine, and hmmm, the maple syrup crèmebrulee, and topped it off with a glass of calvados.

Life is good.

Santé! We end the night by taking a horse drawn carriagetour of the city.

The tour is very informative and we got avery friendly and knowledgeable guide.

The locals refer to this government buildingas the radiator.

See the resemblance? We also pass by the Plains of Abraham andwe learn about the wild party coming up at the end of June.

It officially commemorates Canada Day butQuébecois also celebrate la Fete National on Saint Jean-Baptiste Day.

We also learn how one side of the street wasdestroyed by canon fire during the war so they had to rebuild it.



and ooops, lookslike they forgot one canon ball, and a tree grew around it.

Nice to see the city at night from the comfortof our carriage.

We pass once again by Aux Anciens Canadiens, where we had such a delicious dinner just an hour ago, and by the French Embassy.

We end our last night in Canada by takinga stroll along the Grand Allée, the epicenter of the city's nightlife.

And it is bustling with activity, even thoughwe have heard that Québec City is not really famous for it's nightlife.

We pass once again by L'Atelier where we hadlunch yesterday.

There's also a bunch of guys cruising on carswith hydraulics.

Time to go back to the hotel.

Good night.

Well I hope you have enjoyed our Canadianjourney.

This is the last video of the year so I'dlike to wish all of you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a very prosperous 2014.

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