The MUST DO Canada Road Trip on the Icefields Parkway – Lake Louise to Jasper

– Guys, welcome to oneof the most scenic drives you can do here in Canada.

It's truly breathtaking, just how the mountains towerover you as you go around her.

– I feel like I'm standingon top of a fish tank.

(laughing) And the light cracked through.

– The snow is so powdery and fluffy.

Good morning, everybody.

Welcome back to ourlittle Alberta road trip here through Canada.

Now the last time yousaw us we were in Banff.

We've come up to a new spot, We've come to LakeLouise and it's so crazy 'cause the last time wewere here it was summertime.

– And now— We're standing on the lake.

So if you think of the Canadian Rockies, nothing is more iconic than this view we are currently looking at and it's crazy 'cause Jess is currently just walking out into the middle of the lake and it's kind of just ushere which is so nice.

– Look how deep it is.

(grunting) (laughing) – Wind's going that way.

(laughing) I've always wanted to make a snow angel.

(laughing) It's so fun!- Look at that view.

(laughing) A dream of ours has always been to stay at the Fairmont on Lake Louise and we just got a text messagesaying our room is ready.

We're officially gonnabe spending the night, I swear, in one of the mosticonic hotels in Canada.

– I've always been curious about what the rooms look like here.

– Oh my gosh, the views.

It's like winter wonderland out there.

– Wow.

This room is super nice.

– Wow.

– But I think the mainreason you book this room, we're on the 7th floor.

– It's the entire lake.

You can see everyoneice skating down there.

This is a good view.

– This is an amazing view.

– Yeah.

– I'm so happy right now.

Wow, just look at that.

You can just see perfectviews of the lake.

People playing ice hockey to the left, ice skating, I see they've set up a little ice castle.

– Steve, we have to gorent some ice skates.

– Yeah, I think that'swhat I'm gonna do next.

– So I think we found theperfect way to explore the lake.

We've rugged up and we'recurrently on a sleigh ride, going around the lake.

(pleasant guitar music) ♪ Honey, there's plenty I don't believe ♪ ♪ Plenty of things thatmean nothing to me ♪ – This is the perfect, snowy, magical experience to do, as you're taken aroundthe entire Lake Louise.

And it looks like they got hit with a lot of snow last night.

Just look at the trees.

(chuckling) Wow.

(pleasant guitar music) It's truly breathtaking, just how the mountains tower over you as you go around her.

So every year in the winter, they construct the Lake Louise ice castle just in front of the chateau.

This is crazy.

They've carved this out of ice.

(chuckling) – And then once you come through, you're greeted to the ice skating rink.

Are you ready? – I'm ready.

This is so incredible.

About to tick off such abig Canadian bucket list, ice skating on Lake Louise.

(laughing) (ice skates scratching) It's funny to think, becausewe were just on the way here, we were just walking past a little cabin and that cabin is whereyou hire the red boats to go out on the lake during the summer.

And now it's just, snow covered it.

You just walk up to it.

I mean, to see how natural this is, like some cracks that have frozen over.

– Okay, now that the sun has set, we decided we wanna endthe night in an ice spa.

They have it right next to the lake, so we're hoping thatthey do hot chocolate.

I feel like that's thebest way to end a day when you're surrounded byall this beautiful snow.

– Cheers, babs.

This one has been dealing with a little bit of a lost voice, so.

– Every time I think it's gonna come back, it goes away again.

– Hopefully some warm hotchocolate helps the throat.

Have you guys ever been to a hotel that has an ice spa right outside, made from the ice surrounding the hotel? (laughing) I want a fire place just here.

If I come back it'sjust gonna melt through.

(laughing) (pleasant guitar music) ♪ A wandering heart on a crazy ride ♪ ♪ An open road and a deep blue sky ♪ – Guys, welcome to oneof the most scenic drives you can do here in Canada, the Icefield Parkway drive.

And wow, the sun is justcoming up over the mountains and it is so breathtaking.

– So the Icefield Parkway, it's a drive betweenLake Louise and Jasper which is we're heading today and I definitely recommend, if you're gonna head outhere during the winter, get an SUV, that's what we've got right now and make sure you have snow tires.

You actually can't goon this road without it, because they don't reallylook after this road, so it is covered in ice and snow.

But as long as you havea good car, good tires, and it's a clear day liketoday, you'll be fine, and there are a coupleof really cool stops to do along this drive, including one that we're about to do now.

Where we're going, it only happens in a certain time of year so fingers-crossed, we get the bubbles.

You'll see what I mean soon.

♪ Trust the compass down in my skin ♪ ♪ Walk straight, stay right ♪ ♪ That's what they say to me ♪ ♪ But I don't fit right ♪ – The sun is just awokenabove the mountains and it's cleared all the sky and it just looks so beautiful.

If there's one road tripyou guys need to do, it's this one.

Just look at what I'm looking at.

– Oh, it's like a baby.

– A beautiful spot to have a walk.

Welcome to Abraham Lake, everybody.

This is our first stop onthe Icefield Parkway drive.

It's about halfway so itmakes a perfect midpoint stop.

And it's so interesting because this lake, Abraham Lake, in winter, so around January when it freezes over because we're in a canyon.

There are these plantsat the bottom of the lake and they let off these methane bubbles and they almost look likethey are frozen in time.

And you can get a really good day, fingers crossed it's a really good day, they can look so unique.

So I've got ice cleats on and we're walking towards the lake to go on a hunt for some ice bubbles.

Aww, it's actually sobeautiful coming to the top, they call it the Windy Point, and you're gonna see all of Abraham Lake.

You can see it's slowly iced over.

It's a bit windy up here but this is a beautiful view point.

(wind rushing) Also, where we are right now, that's the foothills over there and this is the mouthof the Rocky Mountains.

So this is the entrance as you can see.

We got mountains just towering over us.

And we're almost at the lake.

– I can see bubbles here.

– Oh.

Let's see how clear that is.

Oh wow, you're rightabout seeing the bubbles.

Feels so unnatural walking on top of this.

(laughing) – See? – Oh, wow.

These are some of the bubbles just here.


How unique is this.

– I've never seen, a frozen lake so clear.

You can literally seethe bottom of the lake and we've only just walked a tiny bit out.

There's bubbles everywhere.

There's decaying plantsunderneath the water which produce methane gas.

But in the wintertimethe methane gas freezes so they have all these methane gas bubbles all underneath the lake.

I feel like I'm standingon top of a fish tank.

(laughing) And the light cracked through.

– That's so cool.

– This doesn't feel like ice.

What the? (laughing) I feel like I wanna throw it.

– You feel like, throw it.

– No no no, I'll flex it.

(breaking) (laughing) It wasn't plastic.

– So if you guys are wondering, this is the vegetation that'scausing all the bubbles.

We found a spot whenthe ice is on top of it.

It's very special to be here at this time.

Next week this will all be frozen.

You can see the little bubbles.

These are the ones that are gonna be frozen intime in a few day's time.

But you guys can seefrom the plants to that.

Man, nature's cool.

These are my favorite days.

Going out into themiddle of the wilderness and just taking in thebeauty, going for a hike.


Woohoo! (laughing) What a perfect spot to have lunch.

Our guide was just cookingup some warm red lentil soup.

We have some little breadbarbecuing over there as well.

But wow, couldn't think of a betterplace to have lunch.



That warms you up.

Currently negative 10 at the moment, so this soup is hitting the spot.

– So cute.

Our guide left us with hot chocolate with a graham crackerand a big marshmallow.

– 'Cause he knew we were about to drive all the way to Jasperwhich is about three hours but that was so much fun.

– Oh my gosh.

– I loved it.

– Amazing, right? – But anyway, cheers.

– Cheers, next stop.

– Jasper.

– Just got a bit of a drive to go.

– Yeah, got my hot chocolate.

(dramatic piano music) – Guess who made it? – Woohoo! Alrighty, guys.

We just arrived in Jasper.

I hope you enjoyed that little vlog here.

The ice bubbles were socool to see in person.

But we have one more Canada vlog.

We're gonna show you Jasper and Edmonton.

So if you're new around here make sure you hit subscribe and we'll see you next time.

– Bye! – There's Jess, walkingback with her dessert.

Her hot chocolate and a s'more.

– In the snow.

– She can't get over howbreathtaking this all is.

– Right here?- Ahh! (laughing).

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