Things to do in Toronto, Canada – Day 2 | Travel vlog

today I'm going to explore some other neighborhood and I'll start with the entertainment district this is so famous for the cultural life with theatres and great places to hang out bars and everything of course that to enjoy that I'd had to be here in the evening but I chose to come here during the day for other reasons they have so many great attractions here as well and I'll start with the most iconic symbol of Toronto the CN tower to the top of the world here they explained that the upper observation level is the highest public observation gallery in the here you can see how huge the city in the metro area are six million people live in the metro area here one you can see all the way to where your eyes can reach we can clearly see the importance of Yonge Street just follow the buildings in a straight line all the way to the end yeah there's a nice Western too in case you wanna have lunch or dinner with an amazing view take a look at the prices entrees for fifteen eighteen sixteen so right here they got this last part we can stand here or my down and see all the way to the bottom here they show it station with a glass war I confirm 3.

5 warheads and 41 polar bears he has to hold over nada here so afraid after every attraction you always end up at a store I always resist but this time I couldn't ended up buying something they have some really cool winter clothes this year Wow when we got here there was basically no line one is huge now so as a tip arrive early right here in front of sand tower there are several other attractions there's the Roger Center baseball stadium they have a tour experience as well if you're a baseball fan that would be cool over there is a creme of Canada which is a really nice aquarium and if you keep walking you arrive at the brewery we're definitely going to check out some of these places next stop the aquarium of Canada if you got kids you've got to come here they go crazy I really liked this aquarium it's very interactive they have a huge amount of inches and they provide great information about these beaches here they also have a bike share system it's $7 for 24 hours or $15 for three days of use it's very popular here you see a lot of people riding bikes – muscle bro ring check this out we're already here waiting for the tour and you barely come inside they already welcomed you with free beer steam whistle is relatively new it was started in 2000 by three guys I got fired and they had this dream they wanted to create something that would make Canadians proud with the finest ingredients from Canada and from all over the world although the beers new it is located in a very historical building here drunk here they only produce one type of year and I'll use four ingredients for that it's a really natural beer you can compare to the big brands they use up to eight ingredients mostly preservatives and because of that they're being here is only good for 92 days now doing kind of like they do in the other day they always get three three beers every employees every day at 6:00 p.


you only find this beer here in Canada so got to come here to try hey guys how you doing well I'm here waiting for lunch taking the chance to check where we go next off and I'm using this app called see Toronto from the City of Toronto they list here all the attractions restaurants shopping events everything so it makes you easy for you you show your maps how to get there it's really nice this is what I've been using to plan this trip remember what I said in the beginning about Toronto being a multicultural city well here they have Little Italy Little India little Portugal and five China tells each neighborhood in Tirana has its own personality here I'm now a bluer Yorkville which is considered very hip and charming with a charming architecture with good restaurants and good shops in the 19th century Yorkville was a suburb of Toronto and home to the elite in the 60s it became the Canadian capital of the hippie movement it's just disappointing to get here and there's all this construction but businesses are open and in the future the area will be totally revitalized some blocks north of blue New York Ville you get not only an amazing view but also a really good surprise you arrive at a castle it's not exactly a castle from those days of kings and queens it was built in 1911 by a millionaire businessman and today's open to the public welcome to casa loma unfortunately the original owner only enjoyed it for about ten years World War one brought financial difficulties to him and to the city which raised property taxes and he could no longer afford the mansion it's amazing ninety-eight rooms casa loma then had various purposes in the following decades and this castle was used even during world war ii for various secret meetings here they even got some kind of hidden places enjoyed visiting here you know this is considered the only full-sized castle in the entire north america and it's got everything that you imagine in a castle towers secret passages history and everything but when you come here make sure you get early the last visitor gets in at 4:30 I almost didn't make it Toronto has so many more attractions here I just touched the surface you could come here and have a totally different experience for mine so I'd love to hear what you think and how you enjoy the city listen comments I'm always looking for great places to explore you you.

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