TRAVEL VLOG Things to do in Toronto, Canada – Day 1: Downtown Toronto

Toronto is Canada's biggest city and the fourth in North America all behind Mexico City New York and a lake this is probably the most global city in the world more than 50% of the people here were not born in Canada over 130 languages and dialects are spoken here

there's so much going on it's even easy to get lost in don't even know where to start I'll try to give you some help oh is it the top neighborhoods and attractions here Toronto and show you what they're like I hope you like we'll spend two days in

town and we want to check out the different neighborhoods today we're only focusing on the Bears area downtown Toronto first things first we'll start where everything started in the old town here in the old town a great way to start a date is by visiting San Lara's markets

they've got everything here since 1803 they were rated the number one foot market in the world by National Geographic when you come here everybody says you've got to try their signature dish machine that I just ate so much for breakfast and I'm not hungry maybe in the end

of the visit variety here especially of I've seen already all kinds of meat ostrich camel some giant shrimps the true Canadian maple syrup it's a weekday today to avoid a vetoed if Saturday it's extremely busy you when you walk just a little bit more towards the end of

the old town you arrive at this area called the distillery and the name refers to what I imagine you probably think about this was the world's biggest producer of whiskey in the 1800s today it's a totally refurbished area full of residences but also nice shops art galleries and

culture in general but that's retreat full of bars and restaurants got to come back and hide right next to the old town it's where downtown of the financial center are located you're in a financial district they have so many great restaurants but I want to try something uniquely

Canadian so I chose this one here called Bernard and they have this dish called chain which is french fries topped with cheese and gravy and as you wanted to try for a while it's my chance that was delicious patina is very different from just just french fries topped

with cheese because all ingredients are prepared together so the fries melt it's really delicious I liked it something great about Toronto is that here they have a whole underground world it's actually 30 kilometers 80 miles of corridors connecting most of the businesses downtown most of these beauties that

you see here this is the biggest underground system in the world and it's really like a shopping mall you know you can do everything you want here they're Russians stores all kinds of services the best thing it's by the group in Canada when Akita sports you think of

hockey if there's a gaming channel perfect if not as is the case here for me in Toronto today the next closest thing is to experience the Hockey Hall of Fame Canada won the gold medal the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and here they have a misplay the winning

goal this is a trophy room and dissipated ones over there that's a Stanley Cup nice so they got the winged teens and the names of all players this reminds me of my old days as a news anchor access me this is SportsCenter hi everybody and welcome to Sports

Center I'm Renata and tonight we begin with the Olympics in men's hockey overall it's been another successful Olympic Games for Canada but bringing home a goalie hockey would be the icing on the cake it's probably the most famous square in town it's in the corner of Yonge and

Dundas Street and it's where everything happens they have all kinds of events going on here now for example they're going to have the lottery drawing and there's very light here right across the street one of the best malls in town Eaton Center after a ten-minute walk from Jung

and Java square arrived here at the Art Gallery of Ontario this is one of the top art galleries in North America they feature mainly Canadian artists but there are pieces of art from several artists from all over the world I can clearly see someone spending 2-3 hours there

to take a look at everything that the museum has to offer but imagine it was founded in 1900 at the time called the Art Museum of Toronto and it just grew the collections just grew and it's so amazing you can find pieces dating back centuries side by side

with Contemporary Art very impressive the only thing to know for visitors is that video is not allowed I'm told that downtown Toronto you can also get some weather forecasts but I don't find get what he means supposed to be green freaking weather wipers no and red for rain

I don't see any of those colors so I just hope that's a good sign tomorrow morning we're checking some other main tourist attractions in town I hope you're come with us you you

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