TRAVEL VLOG | Traveling to Canada | Montréal

Does it show immediately? I guess so.

We arrived in Canada.

The local dish of Montreal.

Behind us, all the way down.

It's a small mountain.

Oh, it rains a bit.

Yes, I feel it too.

Yeah, it's pretty high over here.

Does it show immediately? I guess so.

Five, four, three, two, one.



Canada, Montreal! I didn't see that coming.

Okay, is it a city? With high buildings and nature? I have no idea.

Le's go! There is our destination.

We already got here.

Tell them, where are we? We arrived in Canada.

We arrived in Montreal, in Canada.


We are dining, but in Belgium it's four in the morning.

Yeah, it's a little weird.

That's also why we look tired and have bags under our eyes.

Tomorrow, we will look better.

We are eating cheese and drinking Canada Dry.

To stay in the Canadian mood.

It's also beautiful in the neighborhood.

There is a small festival going on.

We are going to eat some more.

Yes, see you tomorrow.

We are walking in our street and it's very beautiful here.

There are lots of small balls, for kilometers.

We guess it's for Pride Month.

We just discovered a very nice place on the island Saint Helen.

It's right in front of the old city center.

What do you think about it? We were all alone here, but not anymore.



Yes, some people joined us.

Damn, I really thought we found a unique place.

We discovered the green of Canada.

We are at a restaurant and Amber ordered Poetin, a local dish.

These are fries with mayonnaise, cheese and sauce.

Does it seem good? I don't know.

Let's taste! Yeah.



Is it good? I'm not the biggest fan of the cheese, but the sauce is nice.

So, if you are coming to Montreal, don't hesitate to taste this! We are on our way to the Mont Royal.

Apparently, the view is amazing.

But we are already climbing up, before we begin with the mountain.

We will suffer.

I don't know if you can see it, but all the way behind us, all the way down.

It's a small mountain.

We are already tired.

See you on top of the mountain! We've made it! Look at this view.



Yeah, it's amazing.

It only starts to rain a bit.

But we came prepared.

We brought a jacket and umbrella.

We are at the second climb of the day.

And it seems a quite heavy one.

It's a kind of Sacre Coeur, like in Paris, but then here in Montreal.

What the name again? The Oratoire.

And we are going to climb it now.

Yes, let's go! We are enjoying our time in the jacuzzi with water of thirty degrees.

Really hot.

It's amazing.

We are in the botanical garden of Montreal.

It seems like it rains in here.

Yeah, I feel it too.

We are standing in a kind of rainforest.

There are lots of beautiful trees and plants in here, so take a look with us.

We are still in the botanical garden, very beautiful as you can see.

And Amber is somewhere over there.

I am going to look for her.

We also visited the Japense en Chinese garden, also nice to see.

With small houses and nice plants.

And there is our sun seeker in the chair.

It's the penultimate day of our trip.

What are we doing right now? We are at.




I forgot the name.

Saint-Anne Canyon.

So the canyon in Saint-Anne.

We will show some footage, because Shani is a bit lost.

It's pretty high over here.

And it's wiggling hard.

We are on top of the Montmorency waterfalls.

And it's very pretty overhere.

It's already our last day in the city.

So sad.

A few days ago, we visited the Notre Dame on the outside.

But before we leave, we wanted to visit it on the inside as well.

Because apparently it's so pretty in heren.

Behind us, you can see it.

Lots of light and colors.

Sheers! Okay, we just left the Mural Festival.

And you can check it out now.

I guess Brazil is playing tonight.

It's time to go home.


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