Why travelers stay in Student Housing in Canada – Starting the road trip to Quebec City!

On the highway, there are washroom built so that travelers can use them and rest.

The signs for these washrooms are placed conveniently before so that you don’t miss them.

There’s a drive We parked our car near the washroom and noticed that there’s a small drive-through across the trees.

that you can use.

You can enjoy the nature here.

This is the actual fall.

The fall season makes leaves turn red, then maroon, brown and then finally the leaves shed from the trees.

As winters approach, all trees go bald As winters approach, all trees go bald.

The leaves are constantly shedding just like a snowfall.

The leaves are falling and accumulating on the ground.

This is the Canadian fall, anywhere across the world where you get to see all four seasons, fall is present, and it’s incredibly pretty.

I prefer fall more than spring, the time.

between the summers and the winters.

What do you think? I’ve been hypnotized by the leaves.

You keep cracking such lame jokes.

I feel good, this is so scenic.

The best part is that the government has made these pathways near the highway.

This allows you to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

They also have benches here.

You can come here and sit comfortably There are barbecue grills installed by the government which you can use to cook meat or potatoes.

You can get rid of your traveling exhaustion while enjoying a hearty meal with your family.

Take a break.

In the open welcoming nature This is the best thing about paying taxes, you get your money’s worth.

I feel I have a sprain in my neck.

A sprained neck? Lay down, I’ll step over it.

What is this? This is my new look for season 2.


Come here French Canada’s historic capital Here are preserved buildings that are over 400 years old.

We are exploring this mini-France in Canada, and so are a lot of tourists.

This is Traveling Desi and I’m taking you on a journey across Quebec city with my friend.

This is like a mall road.

Yeah? The shops that you find on hill stations, are called mall roads this is the same, but in an European style.

They even have cobblestone streets.


And the shops that you see here all have a lot of expensive stuff up for sale.

They have these Zaru, Bizou.

Bizou is still a brand.

Do you know what bizou means in french? Bizou means muuah muuah.

That’s called bizou.

What are you doing in front of the camera? I’m telling you about bizou bizou.

You are silly.

You are worthless.

When the French talk on the phone, while hanging up, they will same something like this.

Okay, bye, bizou bizou, which means muuah muuah.

Understand? Oh.

I get it now.

Like the French kiss on both the cheeks, that’s bizou bizou Okay Okay.

Bizou bizou What’s that, do they sell water? It’s all chizu chizu now.

But this story started from Montreal, where Zeeshan had come to his brother’s place.

Since this is a travel-based channel, people keep asking me to make travel videos.

Since Zeeshan is here, I’m going to his brother’s place, I’ll pick him up and we’ll head to Quebec city, Heartland of the French capital.

Basically in Canada, cities like Toronto and Quebec.

Sorry, I mean Ontario and Quebec are bigger provinces.

Meanwhile their capital cities Ottawa and Quebec are considerably smaller.

The bigger cities are Toronto and Montreal.

So we are leaving Montreal, the big city behind and heading towards Quebec city.

But first I’ll pick Zeeshan from his brother’s place.

I can’t believe it.

Show me.

How adorable.

You grew a mustache.

Badass mustache.

All set? Ever since I have started featuring in your videos, you have been a hit.

So I brought some sweets to celebrate.

Really? That’s wonderful.

Which one is it? Laddu and chaina murgi.

I haven’t had chaina murgi in a long time.

This is the last one.

I want it.

You got just two of these and from that too you want one.

We will share, half-half, sharing is caring.

Let’s go Yeah.

Let’s go.

I feel as if I’m going with a whole another person.

This is how it should be.

A new person in each video.

The driving distance between Montreal and Quebec is about 3 hours, we posted plenty of Instagram stories on the way.

This is the time where Canada has become incredibly gorgeous because it’s fall season.

All leaves turn from green to red.

Quite a contrast to behold.

Once we reach Quebec city, we’ll show you it’s beauty.

What do your think? This smells like raw milk.

?? There are some people sitting here.

Take a look at that guy, he’s so eager to sit in a coffin.

He doesn’t even fit.

We keep calling it “kabr” but it’s a coffin.

All the short videos from this trip can be found on my Instagram highlights.

We have stayed here before.

All you need is $500 for each night.

Let’s move ahead.

As it’s fall season, we can see the tree leaves turning from green to red.

You’ll catch a cold.

That’s why I’m getting my coat.

The colors of the fall season are so wonderful.

Colors channel is broadcasted in India.

It’s incredibly difficult to make sensible conversation with this guy.

We stopped at the pee spot.

Basically, this is a resting area, people sit here and have their pre-packed food.

Behind me there are barbecue grills that were installed by the governments.

You do have to bring your own coal for cooking though.

This fall season reminds me of that famous screensaver from Microsoft Windows.

The one where you see these brown trees and leaves scattered all around.

I’ll give you a closer look.

Come on, let’s sit for a while.

The wind is pleasant, it’s starting to get a bit cold, but overall the weather is great.

What were you saying? Won’t you take the shot of me putting on the coat? Rajnikanth.

Let’s go.

please cut the shot! Tell me one thing, did you lock the car? People don’t steal here.

I’ll lock it.

The sheer number for cameras and equipment… Are we going inside? The sheer number of cameras and equipment I have in the car, I don’t want to take a chance.

Then we kept the cameras in the car and went to see the view up close.

I’ve seen this somewhere.

The leaves that were featured in the Hindi movie Mohabbatein, right? Yes Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, The actual fall of Canada Live.

Right in front of your eyes.

After seeing other people driving through the falling leaves.

We thought of trying it out for ourselves This is so wonderful.

The leaves falling in a slow pace is so picturesque.

Think about it, in the middle of the highway, whoever thought of this, all this is made on a small hill.

If someone is driving through, it’s so endearing.

Whoever thought of this deserves a hats off.

You are driving down the highway, and you get a place to drive between these trees.

The leaves are shedding.

Look at this.

We weren’t the only ones having fun.

There was a constant influx of travelers basking in the experience.

If we find such places on the way, the exhaustion of the trip is easily removed while chatting and enjoying the view.

I thought that this would be a great time for an ultra slow motion sequence.

But now it was time for us to go.

When are we going to reach? How much time will it take? Maybe an hour more, Stopping and uploading all those live videos took considerable time, it’s getting dark as we approach our destination.

We’ll go and check-in now at the hostel that we booked.

This is because hostel is a cost-effective option.

Since it’s a long weekend, hotels are crazy expensive.

We booked our rooms at the Lavalle university hostel.

They have these tiny rooms which they rent out during the university holidays.

We booked a student accommodation in $40 each.

We get a single bed room each as the double rooms were unavailable.

So instead of staying in a hotel, we went to booking.

com and got this university student residence.

You can get a basic room here as low as Rs.

3, 000 per night.

you can get a couple room for Rs.

2, 500, while family rooms are available at just Rs.

4, 500 But the day we were arriving, they only had single rooms available at $35, which after adding the taxes, comes to around Rs.

2, 000 a night.

Since hotels are Quebec city are quite costly during the weekends, we got our accommodation a 15-minute drive away to spend the night.

This is a good deal in $40.

The room is small with a single bed, it’s how students live at University.

We both get one room each.

Let’s go and eat something, experience the nighttime a little.

I’m quite tired today, so we’ll be staying indoors for the most part.

You are paying for food? Dinner is from my side, breakfast is yours.

Today’s dinner is courtesy of my audience.

The video I posted live fetched Rs.

11, 000.

People used the super chat feature and gave us around $210 in total.

All these noises you are making will be picked up by the mic.

But this is good fat.

The money was provided to us by our wonderful viewers through super chat on the video we posted on the way.

The viewers are yet to arrive, let’s start our gibberish in the meantime.

Go ahead.

Gibberish? You are already doing that.

You do it better than me.

Se started chatting live and people kept sending us money.

Amanpreet Singh sent us Rs.


Thank you.

This money is for me or Zeeshan’s new haircut? All this money will be used in grooming my beard.

I’ll order a special beard grooming kit.

Your beard grooming is now free of cost.

We enjoyed a lot chatting live with our viewers.

But we got late due to this and by the time we reached, it was quite dark.

We luckily found a street parking and Mr.

Zeeshan is putting his winter coat on as it’s getting quite cold now.

The place we are going is a special one.

It’s getting cold.

There’s a street market here.

Let’s go, happy winters everyone! It’s too dark, I can’t get proper footage here.

Will you look at that? This is called a castle.

It’s quite old.

Is it castle or “kaastle”? It’s pronounced as “Kasstle” by white people.

This gives me the feeling of La La Land.

La La Land? Disney Land.

But this one is real.

What’s that? That’s the Canadian parliament building.

Sorry, it’s the Quebec parliament.

It’s quite identical to the Canadian one.

What’s that Hilton building behind it? That? It’s where you go when you have to urgently pee.

Because we weren’t going to stay in a Hilton.

That’s not how we roll.

Since we are talking about the parliament building, I wanted to show you how it looks in the day time.

This looks just like the Canadian parliament building in Ottawa.

Let’s go back to the present time now.

There were preparations going on for the Quebec city marathon for the following morning.

We came here to one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants.

This is a Calzone-type thing where you can choose between a vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling.

Would you like to try this Baklava? It’s too sweet.

It’s not that sweet.

It’s a lot less sweeter than Indian sweets.

We’ll eat the Indian sweets instead.

Why waste money? The prices for the food are in front of you.

We got a chicken pesto and a middle Eastern spice with zaathar.

I heartily thank the viewers of Traveling Desi.

This meal is from your contributions.

Otherwise, he’d made me pay for it.

I said that dinner is on me and breakfast is on you.

The contributions will easily cover our breakfast as well.

I thought there was construction going on, everything is blocked.

But the restaurant from where we got our food told us that there’s a marathon tomorrow.

How are we going to shoot the city if there’s a marathon? It’s a good thing I’m not taking part in the race, I’d be the first one to cross the finish line.

Your hair is greying.

But I have a lot of life in my legs, like a horse.

But I’m too lazy to even walk.

Pig Won’t you censor this? The pig part? Nope.


Dog! Let’s go? Where to? For checking-in.

Let’s go.

So where are you staying tonight? The hostel you booked.


You are making me stay in a hostel? You don’t respect me? So you are saying that people who stay in hostels are not respected? They are, but you are making me stay in a hostel.

It’s not like that.

You don’t even deserve that.

Should I go back? I was just teasing you, don’t feel bad.

I’ll make you stay at Chateau Laureate, there’s a 5 star hotel behind you.

Don’t do this.

Don’t give me hope.

We finished our meal and took a 15 minute drive towards our hostel.

Is this a state-owned accommodation? For Rs.

2, 000, this is what you get.

Oh, I thought otherwise.

Turn on the lights.

Let’s see what we have here.

The rooms aren’t that bad.

Reminds me of Indian hostels.


Tiny rooms.

So this is what student accommodations look like.

They live in similar rooms.

This is a single bed.

He will be sleeping here.

The adjascent room is mine.

In the back you can see the sports complex of the campus.

We’ll show that to you in the morning when there’s more visibility.

It’s quite late.

We’ll go sleep now.

How did they know I love these? Are these paid or free? These are complimentary.

Great, then I’m taking these.


I’m hungry as it is.

We’ll experience Quebec city in the next video.

This is one of the famous squares of Quebec city which was constructed back in the 1700s.

All these surrounding buildings are constructed in the original stone style.

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It’s 2 am and we are going out to have some ice cream.

Right now I am in Toronto at Zee/Zeeshan’s place.

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