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G'day mates, my name's Tim Ashford and I'm travelling Canada We're on top of the beautiful Mount Fernie at the moment and I'm gonna do my next ski season here I'm really excited I've landed a job, landed accommodation The Global Work & Travel Co.

have really helped me with all that, which is why you should choose them to go on your adventure So me and the girls just hiked up the mountain, it's been a really good time, we just had some lunch I've been in Canada for over a year now, at first I had a job in Australia I was at that point in my life where I was debt free, had no real dependencies or attachments I was ready to travel so I decided why not? I'm gonna go to Canada I just researched it online, I looked it up on Google The Global Work & Travel Co.

came up I saw them, chose them, called them up and they were really helpful They showed me all my different options, all that they can do for me They can get me a job before I even leave the country which really helped That was a good thing for me because I was having trouble before this and it really helped But it's been great I landed in Vancouver, had a great time there The Global Work & Travel Co.

ended up getting me a job in Jasper which is in the Rocky Mountains I'm from Queensland, which is really flat So working at the Rockies was amazing They have these huge mountains, kind of like this You don't get that in Queensland This is still part of the Rockies I guess, it's in BC but we're pretty close So yeah, my first job was in Jasper, great time I recommend everyone should do a summer there Absolutely awesome, winter is good there too it's got a ski hill I worked there for my summer, the first season I had in Canada I worked as a BBQ cook on a deck on Lake Maligne which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada, it was absolutely amazing You can go for hikes, climb mountains, go to the boat house, so you can canoe, kayak, chill on the lake it's absolutely amazing So much to do, so much fun, so I'm really grateful for The Global Work & Travel Co.

again for getting my this job because I met so many great people Had such a great time, so many great experiences, I could never do it anywhere else Get out there and get on to it After that, after Jasper, I had my first winter, I'd never seen snow before so I was really excited I got to snowboard for the first time, which was great and I wanted to try something different so I called The Global Work & Travel Co.

up I looked at my options and there was Big White Ski Resort so I ended up getting a job there I lived there in a party house with a bunch of people with great people and had an awesome season there, lots of fun, snowboarding all day My life basically was just snowboarding, partying and working I couldn't ask for anything more, it was unreal, best season ever And after that I went back to Jasper because it was that good in the summer, did the same thing again, got my old job back Got a whole bunch of friends there and just had a lot of great times I did all the things that I didn't get to do the first time And after that I decided I wanted to do something different so I ended up travelling through America Which was absolutely amazing, I bought a van, got inside, made a bed in it and travelled the US with one of my best friends We did all the west coast, back up the mid-west, we did all these amazing national parks Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Christ Canyon, Zion, Sequoia, it was incredible So I would recommend everyone, at least do them once So then I headed back up to Canada, called up Global again, they ended up getting me a job opportunity in Fernie, which is another ski resort And I'd never been there but I'd heard good things so I thought why not? And I travelled to Fernie and here I am and now I'm hiking a mountain with some new friends that I've met Beautiful huh? And the ski resorts over there What else can I say? Get on The Global Work & Travel Co.

, sort yourself out and come over to Canada and have a great time.

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