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Hello to everyone at The Global Work & Travel Co.

My name is Kieran, and I'm a 21 year old law graduate from London in the UK And I'm currently about one month into my Global Work & Travel Working Holiday in Canada So here I am, I'm standing in the town of Banff which is within the Banff National Park in the province of Alberta which is in Western Canada It's currently about minus 20 degrees, but it's a very sunny and lovely day I chose to come up to Canada mainly because It's very winter time at the moment, and I really wanted to get involved in some skiing Plus it's somewhere I've always wanted to go, I've never been before it's you know the scenery here is absolutely incredible Which I will show you now So I'll switch over the camera, switch around the camera just to talk about my Working Holiday just a little bit more Okay, so now I'd like to go over some of the trip highlights that I have experienced so far So thanks to the brilliant team at The Global Work & Travel Co.

I was lucky enough to secure a job I'm currently working as a kitchen steward so that's basically a fancy name for a dishwasher in who works in the kitchen The job isn't very glamorous but it has a lot of variety and has enabled me to meet so many great people and make some really close friends from all over the world But you know despite the working aspect of this trip I'm still having a huge amount of fun and you know for example the one of the one of the top moments I've had was my time visiting in Vancouver Which is a very memorable moment for me as well The city was an amazing contrast between huge high-rise city buildings against the beautiful Pacific Ocean backdrop and the mountains of British Columbia And it was also really nice because I got to meet a few of the guys working at The Global Work & Travel Co.

Which is really nice opportunity to match some names to some faces after so many months of emails and planning Moment number two for me as mentioned before you know actually working at a job certainly is very sociable and I have thrived on meeting so many new people and I've had a lot of fun doing the job so far Moment number three has to be the skiing aspect and skiing was really the main reason that enticed me out to Canada and I can't deny it is easily being the best quality skiing of I have ever experienced it may be very cold, but It's certainly you know a lot of fun and hopefully we'll get warmer as the season goes on And the results are not only tucked away in most stunning mountainous scenery But they also have a wide variety of incredible fun runs and alpine powder trails that kept me entertained for a long time Moment number four has also got to be the seeing lots of different animals and the wildlife that I've never come across before And I haven't seen any bears or wolves or moose yet, but I have come across some coyotes, elk deer and some pine martens on my walks across the mountains and the rivers Banff National Park has done a huge amount of work to preserve these animals habitats So they can live within the vicinity of the town in a safe way, and this is something I and all the residents here are hugely grateful for sorry.

I should get the chance to see these beautiful animals And moment number five as well for me has got to be that you know I've accidentally been thrown into a newfound hobby Here in the town of Banff as well Given the plenty of mountains and hiking trails around the town It's provided a really fun and relaxing pastime when I'm not working with skiing so Just the stone's throw away from where I'm living was the beautiful expanse of wilderness And lots of hikes filled with exciting terrain to explore that again that I haven't got bored of yet and I probably never will life is really about exploring and getting outside of your comfort zone to see what the world has to offer and I really can't think of a better place to experience all of this than in the Canadian Rockies so thank you very much for watching and taking your time to see this video I'd like to say goodbye from a very cold and snowy, Canada and once again Thank you very much to The Global Work & Travel Co.

team for organising this trip for me.

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