24 Hours in Banff: Things To See, Do & Eat | Canada Travel Guide

hi I'm gonna rola musician world traveler and these are just some of the adventures that I've made in the moment I love Alberta and for whatever reason I ended up visiting multiple times this year but that's okay because there's so much to do we've been a horseback-riding whitewater

rafting took a gondola up to the top of a mountain I even flew in to attend a music festival that was cancelled due to rain of course and most recently I teamed up with tourism Calgary they put together an amazing itinerary of all this stuff we could do

with just 48 hours well given the opportunity to do something completely new there was one thing on my list for this trip and it was to stand on a glacier the Athabasca glacier to be exact to get there we'd have to drive out to Jasper and the Columbia

Icefield so my friend Marc and I packed up our car for a little road trip when we saw some pretty special things along the way look at this nature oh don't be scared they're scared of me we made a stop in Banff I one of my favorite spots

it's a Canadian themed restaurant called – I got some kind of Canadian dessert this is some kind of bread pudding maple syrup amazing this made to order yeah oh look at that look at that we're gonna be hot I'm gonna be really really hot tell me what this

is there what's it called and what's this okay it's like this little fluffy cake yeah now what's the history behind it super Canadian is one of the first business from like the Great Depression yeah together and it was and now I'm eating it like it's a delicacy they

are eating where they're like poor it had no food so good we went out to Lake Louise which is probably one of the most beautiful and photographed spots in Canada despite being such a popular tourist attraction it's actually pretty calm and serene that is until I got onto

the water we are like so oh my god that was amazing time to go see a glacier after that we continued our drive through the Rocky Mountains which I think every Canadian needs to do at some point in their lifetime because it's absolutely stunning of course of all

places to meet a viewer and fellow youtuber I met Craig in the middle of the Rocky Mountains so after a pretty long drive we arrived at the Columbia Icefield and our first stop was the glacier sky walk what's going on parking on site and we didn't want to

take a shot because when you do this you earn it you appreciate it more because you had to work for oh my gosh we are going to walk on the glacier skywalk it's gonna be pretty brazen to shut up it's just pretty sad to think about what this

must have looked like five years ago ten years ago I just repeated exactly what I said but I had to say it for camera and then it was finally time to see the glacier up close so I have to be get off the bus today guys just watch

your step on the way out and of course enjoy your ice during a day with Mike I'm just gonna stop it you guys can say your prayers become family their families right here are protected the glacier thunders underneath it so that is why right now automatically share this

vision vision about six to six point two kilometers long they measure is a kilometers wide and that between 250 to 300 meters thick without this laser in the very hunter glacier and it's been different snacks are gonna be so proud this trip made me think a lot about

how beautiful and vast our country is and how much our environment is changing that glacier is shrinking every year and we definitely play a role in not happening it's an experience that not many people get to have and it's an experience that I won't soon forget there's one

more stop in my cross Canada adventure and that is Vancouver so if you want to see that episode don't forget to subscribe and if you liked this video please remember to give it a thumbs up I'll see you next time I pleasure

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