Montreal, Canada Travel Vlog

the adventure begins for Montreal I amat sea-tac airport waiting for my flight and I am literally by myself So I'm aboard the airplane there's no one.

I just arrived and the AirB&B.

It's probably around 8:45 a.


and now I'mgonna take a little nap before going grocery shopping to fill up the fridge I'm about to go out to dinner It's around 6:30 p.


I came home after mygroceries and I'm getting over a cold that I had or I still have so I decidedI'm just gonna take a break sleep that way the rest of the trip Ican really enjoy my a stay and now I'm gonna go find some dinner nearby.

Soon my way to finding a restaurant I stopped in this little areait says Collège de Montréal.

It has all these informational signs about thehistory of this building and this place which is kind of cool I am back in bed.

I am watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it's not on Netflix anymore in the States andI love this show.

But anyways I'm gonna go to bed soon after this episode of Buffy andthen I will see you tomorrow bye Good morning! It is day 2 here in Montreal.

I'm planning to gowalk around the old part of the city and just kind of see what I can find overthere.

I took a little detour through McGill University on my way to the oldMontreal So we're gonna see a little bit of the University.

So I continued walkingthrough McGill.

There's a lot of construction so there weren't really anygood photo opportunities of the buildings but I ended up in this littlelike forest trail but looking at it it looks like it's taking me in theopposite direction that I want to go so I think I'm just gonna do the bottompart of the trail and then I'll head back the way I was going to go to le vieux port I'm walking through Chinatown right now and it'sreally hard not to stop and eat because it's around lunchtime and I love Asian foodand this is the place to get it.

However I promised myself today that Iwould go to the old part of Montreal and get some real Quebecois food or atleast find a cute little place that's semi Quebecoisso I guess I'll just have to come back some other time I am taking a little break at the Port de Montréal or the Vieux Port or sorry the Old Port I was trying to translate it to English and then I just translated it to theother name in French Okay break is over! I got a little rumbly in my tumbly soit's time to go get some lunch The last time I was in QuebecI tried maple butter and it was my favorite thing and I could not find itanywhere.

The problem is now I'm traveling withcarry-on only so I can't buy it and bring it home So as I was leaving the Vieux MontréalI ran into some guy who asked me if I knew where to buy Cirque de Soleil ticketsand we started chatting and then he was like “here let me show you the city” andso we just walked around a little bit until we got to kind of an area that Iwasn't familiar with and I said like “sorry I don't really feel comfortablebut thanks for the tour I'm gonna head the rest alone and then he offered toshow me a naked spa and I was like “Ok no thanks I'm gonna head off like now onmy own thank you bye” so that was kind of interesting.

We'll see what is in thestore now Guys, there's a dress-up room.

If I werenot by myself I would a hundred percent dress up and play make-believe becausethis is literally my favorite part about museums like when they do stuff likethis.

I really really want to dress up but I have nobody to dress up with.

Sosad I was hoping to go to the Notre DameBasilica but there's a show every night and the line is crazy So even though I didn't get to go intothe Notre Dame Basilica, I did go in to the Catholic cathedral and spendabout 20 minutes looking around and praying and just unwinding at the end ofthe day.

It was really nice.

Another day is at an end.

I walked at least 15 miles today.

I just need a little break because my eyes aresuper tired but it was just a really good day overall and I'm excited for therest of the trip Good night! Good morning! It is the startof day 3.

I'm probably going to go to some museums.

I want to go all the wayback to the Vieux Montréal because I saw that they had the Science Museum and thearchitect.



or what was it the Archaeology Museum I'm about to head offand it's nice because I don't have to carry a big jacket in my backpack sinceit's gonna be so warm today.

Anyways, I'm off! I just walked into the St.

Patrick'sBasilica and they were in the middle of mass so that was kind of awkward but Iwas very respectable I stayed in the back.

I didn't get to take as manypictures as I would have liked but that's ok.

So I just got done with lunch and I'm inthe Archaeology Museum “Ben, c'est un homme d'affaire important” Archeology museum is done.

Now I'm goingto go see if I can get into the Science Museum which is right next door.

I just walked into the Science Museum.

The ticket taker has the funniest and nicestaccent he was like “Bonjour, comment ça va?” oh my gosh she was so nice, big smile wasall like it's just the stereotypical Canadian friendliness.

He made my daythat man.

Go you! This is literally what I study in school.

The larynx and the pharynx is my jam.

I can tell you what you wantto know hey guys big news Hey guys, big news.

I'm pregnant! Look at the babies, so cute Ok the hardest part is getting off the cap Dinner is over and I have about an hourbefore I have a show.

Part of the Science Museum offers an IMAX theater show soI'm just gonna go walk and explore the streets a little bit probably get therea little bit early So I'm in the IMAX theater and I'm gonna go see this movie.

This is what I just saw it was really good I recommend to anyone.

It was dubbed in French, which is fine but the original English version isnarrated by Morgan Freeman.

But yeah there's a whole section, I mean the whole videotalked about Louis Armstrong.

Before going on the airplane I watched LouisArmstrong and Danny Kaye in there movie Five Pennies, which is one of my favoritemovies by the way.

I recommend that movie to anyone who likes music and jazz especially, but they also went into some Elvis and some Motown and things so itwas really good.

I was about to walk home but it's nine o'clock already and Ineed to get home before Emily does.

She's coming in tonight and it's about a45-minute walk.

I would probably get lost so I'm just gonna Uber and now I'm justgonna chill and wait.

So my friend Emily is finally here she's gonna walk throughthis door any second.

I don't know how but she got into the building on her ownand she's gonna come up the elevator There she is.

S: Hello! E: Hello! S: She's here! E: I was like who is this lady opening the door? Good morning world! I am here with my friend Emily we arebooking an air B&B in Quebec City and we are gonna go take thetrain tomorrow and explore there a little bit.

E: oh yes! S: but today we have alate start so we're gonna grab lunch and then we're gonna go climb to the top ofMount Royal so see you later We are walking up to the mountain now.

Westopped for some Mexican food for lunch E: Not the best idea S: Not the best idea but we're gonna workoff all those calories on our little walk.

E: Walking uphill to get to the uphillwalk S: Yup We'll keep you updated It's been probably noteven not even five minutes and we are both sweating and huffing andpuffing and dreading this walk yep But that's okay.

We're gonna do it.

S: We made it E: to the top S: Yay it wasn't actually as bad as we thought.

We got to a trail and we were like oh this is probably a third of the way andthen some guy was like actually you're almost there just take this really flattrail and you'll be there.

E: We were being extremely dramatic in the last part and I'm sorry for it S: Yeah, oops We madeit to the historical circle stone which is literally a circle a circle stone inthe ground E: It has writing on it S: Although it's all covered in dust and dirt but the onething I can read is it says, I don't know if you can see this, “Quelque Chose” whichmeans something.



quite literally “something.

” So there you go E: Whole rockof something S: Whole rock of something We found the cross and we had some trouble because we keepthinking that we're really far away from something and we're actually not E: I want one of these S: Mmhmm Found a swing in the mountain and we're swinging On our way to the bagel place westumbled upon some kind of market festival thing We found a little park with a nicefountain and a church This is the way to spend a Friday night Oreos and Netflix.

We started off by watching American Horror Story episode 1 of season 8before dinner and then that was good but there were no more to watch and we wentout to dinner and came back and watched an episode of Queer Eye E: cried S: cried quitea bit and now we're gonna watch The Office with our Oreos and milk becausethat's the way to go Alright, good night.

Good morning.

We had a latenight last night because we were watching TV and eating snacks anddessert and now we have a train or a bus to catch and we slept in 45minutes past what we wanted to.

So this should be a fun morning S: We made it on time E: Surprisingly S: despite our 45-minute wake-up delay Yeah here we are We arrived in Quebec City.

E: Yay S: We arrived alittle bit early so now we're gonna go find our apartment before heading out tolunch We made it to the Airbnb The couch is sideways, all the furnitureis stacked up.

So off to a great start in Quebec City.

The city's nice, our placeless nice S: We made it to Old Town Quebec City! E: We found it We were just saying how warm we were andhow we deserved an ice cream and we found a little place to put our feet inthe water this is fantastic E: This is perfect.

It's a godsend *I'm Yours* E: Oh S: Yay S: Sunset stop in the park We watched Breakfast with Scot and itis such a cute movie and Canadian so make sense to watch it and it was justsuch a good one, uh the feels, all those feels yeah now we're going to go to bedso we can enjoy tomorrow E: Oh yeah S: Good night Good morning.

We are having breakfast right next to the apartment before wego drop off our bags and start our day of museums Guess where we are! Back in the water! We made it to the Citadel but it's $14for entry and we have other places to be S: We are on the Plains of Abraham which issignificant because E: There is a very important battle was fought here.

It wasin 1794 between the British and French who were both trying to S: Was it 94? E: 1794? S: I don't know E: Girl, I'm not quite sure It was in the 1700s andbasically the French had occupation of all of Quebec, hence the name, and Britainwas primarily in Ontario and other eastern provinces and they wantedcontrol because they liked that and they fought a war on these plains andthe British beat the French and That's a nice car S: Yes E: and now we have cars like that E: Yeah and gained occupation and that's why the queen is on French moneyand there's not S: Canadian money E: and there's not two different currencies in Canada S: right E: That's my talk of the hour S: History with Emily S: She's wearing 29% of the weight that anormal soldier would be wearing and I am wearing 21% of the weight a normalsoldier would be wearing and they would usually total around 70 pounds which iscrazy because I could not imagine fighting in this.

We are now switchingoutfits and E: Do I look like Brienne of Tarth? S: Yeah you're gorgeous S: I don't know if they pulled or like lit it.

I don't know how it works E: They get the idea Fun fact the hat is called a tricorn because it has three points.

Alsoto tell the difference between a French and a British soldier you look at thesleeves of their waistcoat and if the sleeves, if there are sleeves in thewaistcoat, not the overcoat because they all have sleeves on the overcoat, but ifthey have sleeves on the waistcoat which would be the red inside sleeves thenthey are French.

The English waistcoats did not have sleeves S: Yeah look at that.

You're under arrest Emily for drinking on the job.

Shame on you.

*Cavemen grunts* We're back in the Airbnb in Montreal I'm blocking you yeah didn't really eat.

We kind of skippeddinner because we had candy on the bus See you tomorrow Good morning!It is Emily's last day here in Montreal and we're gonna go do a scavenger hunttoday in Old Montreal E: Yay! We just had dim sum for lunch and nowwe're gonna start our scavenger hunt of Old Montreal here we go E: Team Pretty Hobos S: Yeah, Team pretty hobos from Breakfast with Scot because that movie hasimprinted on our hearts We're taking a much-needed break with our blueraspberry slushies right in front of the ferris wheel We finished our scavenger hunt.

TeamPretty Hobos beat 91% of the other teams who have done this course E: not surprised S: but we did really well and he was so much fun and a great wayto tour the city E: We rocked it Emily's leaving.

She is going back to herhome in Toronto but good news is that we had a fun last day and a fun weekend.

E: Good news, we had fun S: This is Emily's last few moments here in Montreal on this trip E: I'll see Sarah again in Seattle S: Yeah, hehey Good night It is the end of the day and I walkedaround town a little bit after dropping Emily off at the airport or at the trainstation and now it's time for bed.

Good night Hello again it is another day here inMontreal.

I didn't vlog this morning but nothing really special happened.

Thisafternoon I'm thinking of going to go see a movieI wanted the local cinemas.

So today is kind of a lazy day, not much of tourismor anything Just got back from seeing ChristopherRobin.

It was a fantastic movie I highly recommend it to anyone who's a fanof Winnie the Pooh or just Disney in general.

Now I'm probably gonna have alittle bit of dinner and then probably just hang out at the apartment Good morning it is my final day in Montreal.

I think I'm going to go visitthe Musée Grévin and the Museum of Fine Arts today.

Yesterday was a horrible dayof vlogging, it was a great day, but the vlogging was pretty terriblebecause I just didn't film anything really so I apologize I'm here with Marie Antoinette.

Hey! and I'm loving her dress and I'm wishingI could have one just like it but alas I do not I have never done a waxmuseum by myself and there's nobody in these rooms with me so I forgot thatthey're kind of creepy.

I mean I keep feeling like what I was gonna be like hi I feel like I'm in Sister Act or Sound ofMusic Hey bud This is the English general who won theBattle of the Plains of Abraham Mr.

Charlie and I.

Two peas in a pod.

Takes meback to my Bob Fosse dancing days.

We had little bowler hats like these Guys look who I found, Hugh Laurie Happy birthday Mr.

President My all-time favorite Mr.

Louis Armstrong Musée Grévinis finished and I'm gonna head over to the Fine ArtsMuseum and see if I can spend the afternoon there “Alors ça? Chers Lévis!” I hadtime to kill and I decided I passed right in front of it but to stopinside the Barbie Expo It's free which is awesome.

It's all the Barbie clothesthat are like high-end fashion.

It has really good reviews this little museumthing.

Guys, I had this one growing up.

She's the princess of Holland it's a 17thcentury gown and I remember loving her and I also had a Rose from Titanic andthey had kind of a similar style like the red hair I guess and I used to likehave them be sisters and oh my gosh I didn't.



Oh memories.

I found another one fromthe same collection I had.

This one right here and it's the princess of the KoreanCourt.

This really brings back memories.

I'm sure there are some here cuz Iremember I had a whole collection that I received one Christmas or onebirthday from my parents.

I think it was my parents and I had a whole bunch and Idon't remember what.



oh I think this one.

Here I found another one.

ThePrincess of Imperial Russia was another one that I had.

Oh this is so cool I'm sohappy I came in here I forgot that another scene that I usedto play with my dolls was the scene in Gone with the Wind where Melanie is inlabor with her child and they have to flee the city because it's beingattacked.

And that was like one of my go-to Barbie play stories.

Guess who I found Rose from Titanic.

This was the dollthat I was obsessed with I just oh I loved her so much and I'm so happythey have her here The museum was huge.

I was not expectingit to be that big.

I don't really understand contemporary art I just There was one and it was literally just yellow paper with holes in it.

The classical art was impressive.

They definitely have a huge collection.

I may go out for dinner after or I'll just try to empty my groceries.

I over boughtstuff so maybe for the host's next guests they'll have some, you know, cereal andtea and soy sauce Today was a great day.

A fantastic way to end the trip.

Here's tothe last night in Montreal.

Good night Good morning.

It is like 5:15.

The apartment is pretty much ready for me to leave I just have to make the bed.

I'm not gonna like make it make it just so he knows that I like slept in it.

But just make it look like more, I guess, nicer Made it through security and now I just have to find my gate I arrived in Seattle after a little bit of adelay But I made it home and I have been cuddling with this little furballsince I arrived.

She's hiding her face.

Show them your face Truffle.

There you go.

Good girl Anyways the trip was a fantastic way to end the summer and I'm so glad I did itand thanks for watching my little video :).

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