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Today, we’re going to talk about the ETAand what is required in order to obtain one for Canada.

So, an eTA is an electronic travel authorization.

This allows people from visa exempt countriesto travel to Canada.

Everyone, with the exception of citizens fromthe United States, requires one in order to travel to Canada.

An eTA is not actually an authorization toenter Canada.

Once you arrive at the airport, or at theborder, or by cruise ship if you’re on a boat, you’ll actually have an interviewwith a CBSA officer, so that’s one of our immigration officers and they’ll make surethat you’re actually admissible to Canada.

So, there are four types of travellers whorequire an eTA to Canada.

The first is the ones I just talked about, so those are visa-exempt foreign nationals.

So, if you’re flying to Canada, you requirean eTA.

If you’re coming over – if you’re crossinginto Canada by land, normally you won’t need those if you’re a visa exempt travellerto Canada.

So, you need to have an eTA to fly to Canada.

So, this most applies to people from Brazil, Romania, or Bulgaria.

So, you can get an eTA even though normallyyou would require a visitor visa.

And so the important difference here, is thatyou do need the visa to enter by land.

So, if you’re crossing the border, you’regoing to have to get a visa to enter by land.

In terms of travellers who cannot apply foran eTA, so that’s mostly Canadian citizens.

So, Canadian citizens, if you’re a Canadiancitizen, you need a Canadian passport to enter Canada.

So this might seem evident – but a lot ofpeople – especially people for their children who are dual nationals, so for example, theywere born in Australia and they had their citizenship granted after they were born, if they hold Canadian citizenship, they have to actually apply for a Canadian passportin order to enter Canada.

Canadian permanent residents also need a Canadianpermanent resident document or card.

So, if you’re a Canadian permanent residentand you don’t have your card and you’re outside of Canada, you can’t apply for aneTA to come to Canada.

You’re going to have to get a permanentresident travel document or enter with your permanent resident confirmation of statusvia land from the U.


There are some travellers who are exempt fromthe eTA requirement.

So, those are United States citizens.

So, you just need your U.


passport in orderto fly or travel to Canada by land.

Lot’s of people ask me: “how do I applyfor an eTA?” Well the truth is that it’s not really avisa application, it’s just an application done via the Canadian government’s website.

It’s $7 to apply.

It will ask you simple questions about youridentity documents and as well as if you have any criminality issues in the past.

A lot of issues that I deal with in my practiceare those related to criminality that was declared with an eTA application.

So, someone will say that they perhaps hada DUI and while they’re applying for an eTA.

Well, that will potentially render you inadmissibleto Canada.

So, you just have to be careful and make surethat you’re not inadmissible to Canada and you have to be careful with what you’redeclaring on that eTA application.

The other issues that come up with eTAs thatI get asked about in my practice are – again it comes down to human error.

Some people will enter the passport numberincorrectly and so that passport number – the incorrect passport number is associated withyour name and your flight to Canada.

So people will have issues boarding the flightif they have the wrong passport number.

So, it’s really important that you checkthat you make sure that you have the right passport number once you’re applying foran eTA.

eTAs are valid for 5 years from the date ofissue.

Again, remember it needs to be associatedwith your passport number.

So, if you get a new passport, you’re goingto need to apply for a new eTA.

If you get your eTA issued tomorrow, for example, it’s valid for 5 years.

And there’s no need to apply for a new eTAuntil that one expires.

So, that’s everything regarding eTAs forCanada.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitateto contact us.

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