TESLA MODEL X TRIP IN CANADA! | Montreal Travel Guide

Oh my Gosh.

It’s a Model X! Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful.

Good morning or should I say bonjour you guys.

I am in Montreal, Canada.

And we just got in last night.

We checked into the Le Dauphin and that’swhere we’re going to be staying Montreal and we’re actually about to go pick up theTesla Model X.

So Evoto Rentals dropped the Tesla Model Xoff and I’m about to go meet up with them to go through the car and take a look at it.

So we’re going to be basically exploringMontreal in a really nice whip.

Super excited, let’s go check it out youguys.

So I’m going to be giving Ashley this carthat’s right around the corner.

Oh let’s go see it.

Oh my Gosh.

It’s a Model X! Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful.

And it’s white on white you guys just likeme Model S.

Yes very nice.

Lookin good.

Very cool.

Just got in, now I’m going to close thedoor just by pressing the brake.

So cool.

Evoto Rentals dropped the car off with plentyof charge so it should actually be fine.

It’s got about 311 kilometers, which isa pretty good amount.

Actually I don’t even know whatthe conversionis, kilometers to miles, I should probably look that up.

Ok so this is going to be different usuallyI’m the one in the passenger seat filming while Karl is the one in the drivers seatdriving but he is not in Montreal with me today I am exploring Montreal with my girls.

This is a girls trip so I will be the onedoing all the driving.

Alright let’s do this.

Oh my God I’m driving in Canada.

This should be interesting I have no ideawhere I’m going.

Okay Montreal please bear with me, I’m notfrom here.

I’m not used to driving this big ass car.

I’m just so used to the Model S.

Ugh I justfeel like I’m so high up right now ok.

Now my friends had never been in a Tesla beforeso I wanted to get their reactions on camera to see what it is that stood out to them themost based on their first impressions.

Here are my friends.


This is Rachel from Rachel Travels.

Hello everyone.

And this is Oneika Raymond from Oneika theTraveller.

And we are going to be getting in the TeslaModel X this will be their first time riding in a Tesla so we’re going to film theirreactions.

Theyre excited.

Ooooooh! Oh whoah whoah whoah.

It’s fine.

Getting ready to hop in the Tesla to see whatshe got.

We’re calling her Snow White.

Come on now.

Ooooh! So Ashley just told the Tesla, we’re callingher Snow White, to play soca, and now Mama is playing soca (soca music playing).

I have two favorite parts.

The first are those fly falcon wing doors.

The second favorite thing about the Teslais that I could tell it to play soca music and it knew what soca music was that’s insaneand it went and played soca music and it went and it played it, it was crazy.

( soca music playing).

Woooo! So as far as first impressions ago, both Oneikaand Rachel reacted the strongest to the voice commands and the falcon wing doors.

If you’re ever in Montreal with your familyor friends, consider renting a Tesla Model X from Evoto Rentals because everyone is guaranteedto have a good time with the X and all of its party tricks.

This is living.

It sure is, I mean we are literally ridingaround Montreal in style you guys.

We sure are.

Get you a Tesla.

Or a Tesla rental.

You know.

Same, same.

Now for our girls trip, we stayed at HotelLe Dauphin, which had very spacious rooms.

You know I’m really happy that Canada recycles.

Every time I come to Canada hotel rooms alwayshave a recycle bin and I think that’s awesome.

Hey guys so I’m at the Le Dauphin Hotel, it’s in Montreal, I hope I’m pronouncing that right.

It’s centrally located it’s perfect forthe girls trip that we’re on now.

You know we’re close by so much stuff, wewere able to walk to a couple of place we wanted to go visit and for everywhere elsewe have our Tesla.

They actually have another parking deck thatyou can park at it’s, not the hotel’s but they have a partnership with them so youcould actually get your ticket validated.

So that’s actually where we’ve been parkingevery night and we have not had any problems.

Since the hotel was very centrally located, we were able to walk to some excellent restaurants, including my favorite Mandy’s, which wasrecommended to me by one of you guys.

S/O to Austin Marsh, one of my favorite subscriberswho messaged me with recommendations on restaurants to try out in Montreal.

So just like a seven minute walk away fromour hotel is this super cute salad bar called Mandy’s but you can actually get more thanjust salads.

I ordered a veggie bowl and then Oneika orderedsalad and we also got smoothies so I’m really really excited about these smoothies you guys.

Oh my God I can’t wait.

Ok guys, must say we thoroughly thoroughlyenjoyed Mandy’s 100% recommend it if you’re ever in Montreal, come get you some Mandy’s.

Oui! Oui oui! We are exploring Montreal, we’ve been goingto some really good restaurants.

Now we’re headed to this really old library, it’s called the… Grande Bibliothèque de Montreal.

Yeah what she said.

She speaks French, I don’t know if you cantell or not.

Oi! Ou! Merci! I’m learning.

She is and she’s an excellent student.

Oh merci beucoup.

Aww look at you with your French.

I know right! Why are we doing these voices? I don’t know.

Oh I see it.

Grande Bibliothèque … de Montreal! Grande Bibliothèque de Montreal.

Yeah exactly what she just said.

So if you really really really love librarieswhich I do, sometime when I travel I love to go libraries, this one is really cool andit houses all the national archives and it has this really dope staircase.

Now keep in mind there are actually 3 of theselibraries here in Montreal.

So make sure you go to the correct one becausewe actually went to the wrong one the first time.

But this is the very spirally staircase thatwe’re walking up.

It’s pretty cool.

For some good tips on places to go in Montreal, visit Rachel’s blog at racheltravels.


She has a free guide to Montreal where sherecommends where to stay, where to eat, what to do like biking, hiking Mount Royal, andshe also tells you which streets to hit up for the best night life experience.

My friends and I had a blast in Montreal ridingaround in style in our Tesla Model X and we can’t wait to do it again.

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As always thanks for watching and I hope tocatch YOU at a supercharger somewhere.

Am I being filmed? Okay.



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