Travel Guide Toronto Canada. What makes Toronto a great city for a holiday?

Hey great to see you here.

This time I’m coming to you from Canada, welcome to Toronto.

Toronto located is in the Ontario province.

Its biggest most frequently visited Canadian city.

I’ll be taking you past some true heights.







And I feel a bit wet.



Part of the deal 😉 Your Toronto trip starts here.

With a bit of history.

Founded by the brits in the 18th century as the city of York.

Seriously expanded nowadays.

Which happens to other part of life as well.



Approximately 6 million people live in the city and its urban areas.

Lots of diversity which truly comes to light in areas such as these right here.

It’s not just a TV tower, it’s the cities point of reference, the CN Tower.

Which is nice, you’ll always have your bearings.

$38 Canadian to ride to the first stop.

$7 more will get you a fast track ticket.

This is the top of CN Tower view across Toronto.

Check your fear of heights 😉 According to Vogue this is supposed to be the hottest city district in the world.

Queen street West.

Only topped by a Tokyo city district.

Don’t care, I like it.

It’s got lots of restaurants and boutique shops.

The city is great to visit all year round.

Though winters can be slightly cold which is fine, you’lljust pop in a museum of some sort.

Today is end of July, Midsomer with temperatures around 32 Celsius (high 90’s).

A great time to take you on a trip to one of the 13 islands.

A city centre ferry will take you there.

The summer ferry services leave every 15 minutes to Center Island.

It will cost approximately $8 per person.

Quick tip: get your tickets in advance and book them online to avoid queues like these.

Not only Canadians come here to visit, it’s popular as well with visiting tourists.

Many people I’ve met suggested I should go and visit the waterfalls.

Of course, Niagara Falls.

You can get a cab which is expensive or book a tour.

In a bus all day long hopping behind afollow-me flag.

Not my thing so I’ve booked a rental, with driver.

Just kidding.

This is Luciano, a friend of mine.

Which is great, he’ll be driving us to the waterfalls today.

Yep, we’re here.

It’s a short 90 minutes ride when you rent your car downtown Toronto.

Want to find out where we parked? $25 a day, you’ll find the exact location in the comments below.

I’ve seen many spectacular places during my trips but this one is special.

It’s huge.

3 million litres of water pass through here every second.

The best view is right here from Table Site Rock (right here on the side) and as you can see you’re not going to be alone.

In the end I did find many great photo opportunities.

Back in town, this is one of the best known multicultural diverse places in town, Kensington Market.

It used to be a jewish market but today it’s mostly hipsters and creative folk, like these street artists.

Restaurants with food from all over the world.






and the shops are tiny little local boutique shops.

Where else can you find these? On some Sundays they close the street for a market.

It’s nice to find an Instagrammable photo location.

Which isn’t just at Kensington Market but I've got one right here, Graffiti Alley.

A long street filled with street art, like this one.



It reminds me of Hosier Lane, Melbourne.

This street gets renewed every year with new graffiti.

A new street with new art every year.

This will a first for me today: a helicopter ride.

A non-sponsored ride paid for myself.

This 7 minute ride will set you back €80 euro’s.

So excited as you are supposed to see a great cityscenery as well as CN tower.

The city is loitered with street bums.

Which is odd as you don’t get see that many in cities like San Francisco.

However the Toronto ones will follow you.






like I was followed yesterday and harassed by this bum who also happened to harass my taxi driver.

Just be aware.

About a 30 minute walk east of the city (8 minute Uber ride) you will find Distillery District.

Restored old structures and this part has been free of car traffic since 2001.

Which is nice! Be mindful though, it’s a tourist trap.

They used to brew beer inside these buildings in the old days.

It's a nice day on the beach today, love it.

You’ll find many beaches around Toronto, the nearest one is only 5 kilometres outside the city centre.

Cherry Beach.

29 degrees Celsius, sunny it’s aSunday and not crowded at all.

So chill.

Great place to rest down, be on the water or go for a bike ride.

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