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hello hello hello everybody my name isSteve Ford and welcome to your English lesson today we're going to be going ona trip to my home country Canada so let's go do you like traveling have youever traveled abroad maybe you have maybe you haven't so I invite you to geton

a plane with me as we go to our first stop Toronto attention all passengersthis is your captain speaking to your left we can see the Toronto skyline andwill be arriving at Pearson International in approximately 7 minutes Toronto or if you want to say it the waythat we say

it here in Canada especially if you live in Toronto is Toronto wedon't pronounce the T in Toronto when you're in Toronto Toronto TorontoToronto it's faster it's easier to say and there are many things to see and doso let's check them out without a doubt the real tourist hotspot

in Toronto isthe CN tower as was mentioned it's a must-see and I hope that you get achance to go there you can try to go to the top of the tower and get a greatview I also highly recommend going to the restaurants where you can have a 360degree

view of the city and even further out if you're more adventurous you canpay the hang off the tower one thing that I can tell you is Toronto is one ofthose cities that it doesn't matter if you have just arrived you're going tofit in as soon as you arrive

yes it's a very accepting city in terms of whereyou are from so if you do want to go shopping shoptil you drop shop until you can't anymore then Canada in general is a goodplace to do it if you're coming from the States or you're bringing Americandollars is going

to be more in Canadian dollars so that can work to youradvantage the standard Canadian accent is very very similar to the standardAmerican accent the only difference that you will notice visiting Canada is ohyou T and Canadians will say out out it's more of a closed sound coming fromthe

Scottish and Americans will say out which is a much more open sound that'sthe only difference you're going to notice and maybe sometimes especially inthe smaller towns and cities you will hear a Canadian use a how's it going anice weather a next stop Montreal Montreal or as the French

would say mallhad yes Montreal is the second largest french-speaking city in the world afterParis they might say Bulls rule hi to you butif you're a tourist and you're speaking in English then they will probably speakin English they have a huge Jazz Festival in the summertime in Montrealand it's

also the home of sick du Soleil now from my experience Montreal errsthat's what they're called they're people from montreal montreal is peoplefrom toronto Torontonians Montreal errs tend to be a little bit more laid-backin case you don't know laid-back means relaxed easygoing not in so much of arush you

can practice a little of your Frenchyou could say hello Bonjour or a more informal hi salut and two reallyimportant ones please si vous play and thank you messy messymohile let's go to the next city Vancouver isCanada's third largest city situated between the Pacific coastal mountainsand the Pacific coast

it's a city that is situated in nature the Coover is agreat place for outdoor activities it's a playground for tourists where you cango rollerblading and bike riding at Stanley Park you can go to the localbeaches for a swim or just sunbathing or you can go to Grouse Mountain

where youcan do downhill skiing you can go snowboarding Capilano Suspension Bridgewhere you can walk across many bridges especially a nice long one overRiver okay everybody I hope you enjoyed this lesson giving you a small tasteabout traveling to Canada in other lessons on this topic I'm going to betalking

about what it's like to immigrate to Canada and also working inCanada and living in Canada what's that like well you're gonna find out and ifyou would like to do a quiz on some of the vocabulary in this lesson you can goto this link here if you would like

to join my student community for free youcan do that here if you would like to contact me you can do that down belowall the links are below and I hope to see you in our next lesson bye for now

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